How to be as fearless as a 5 year old | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

How to be as fearless as a 5 year old

Have you noticed the way kids involve themselves totally in the moment?

Fear of failure, injury or any other consequence is nowhere to be seen.

It's something a lot of cricketers can learn from. Being able to get into the moment or the zone is a skill even the top professionals have trouble achieving. Yet to a five year old it's the most natural thing in the world.

You might suffer from this if you have ever:

  • Thought what other might think of your cricket performances
  • Worried about getting injured
  • Wanted to avoid being embarrassed by the opposition

Children don't let these factors get to them, which is why they can stay in the moment when you can't. How do you emulate this?

Re-learning how to be a kid is not a good idea in most cases, but for cricket's mental game it's a perfect tool.


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