How to Chase Down Big Totals | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

How to Chase Down Big Totals

The definition of a big total in 1-day cricket has changed hugely over the years. 5 an over used to be considered impossible when I started playing the game. Now 8 an over in the last 10 is a walk in the park with some teams and, in particular, some batters.

Here are some tips to chasing down huge totals.

1. Constant intent to score

I was always taught that you need to score quickly in whatever the chasing situation as your always only two balls from the score to look completely different as a result of two "bang, bang" dismissals.

A safe 50-1 off 15 can quickly shift to a match losing 50-3 off 15.2 and the context of the game has turned 180 degrees.

Whereas 80-3 at the same time gives the new batters some breathing time as you are only one partnership away from winning the game at a canter.

2. Duckworth-Lewis is your friend

Duckworth-Lewis (DL) is not only for rain affected matches, it tells us exactly where we are in any chasing situation.

Study the DL charts and you will note that the run chase goes up in patterns - even when chasing 280 - as each partnership builds. Bit by bit the total gets reeled in under formulaic control.

Most scoring apps incorporate DL on iPads and laptops so schools and clubs around the globe can take advantage of this ODI tip.

3. Moorsey's Plastic Cup Trick

Peter Moores, the Lancashire and England Coach used to line up plastic cups on a table or window sill, one for each 10 runs needed in the run-chase. Someone would knock of a cup every time we got 10 runs.

This broke the challenge down to tangible and manageable chunks. It made it possible, controllable and it was amazing how many times it worked!

Try these and see if they work for your side.

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