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How to Choose the Perfect Cricket Bat

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A great bat doesn’t make a great batsman.

But it’s the only tool the batsman has, so the correct bat will give you the chance to be as good as you can be. Choosing which bat to buy is a crucial decision.

So how do know what’s right for you?

There are bats worth £500 and there are bats worth £80; both made out of the same stuff.

Is it just a matter of buying the best one that you can afford and hoping?

The beauty about bats is that the one suited to you personally isn’t necessarily the most expensive. It’s the one that feel right to you.

Buy from a shop

And feel is all important.

Nothing quite satisfies going through different bats by hand; feeling how the same model bat and weight can feel so different just from the slightest variation in crafting.

Plus, the weight of the bat isn’t always what it seems. A bat can pick up much lighter than what it is weighed on a set of scales. You can’t know that without actually picking it up.

Some pro bats can lose up to 6 ounces in perceived weight in the pick up when compared to their dead weight, just from the way the bat is crafted.

While there are some great places to buy bats online and you could get lucky, it’s just not the same.

That’s why you have to go to a shop.

Know your style

What you can do online before going to choose your weapon is your research.

Understanding what type of batsman you are will help decide on the style of bat you should purchase: the general rule of thumb depends on your preference to front or back foot strokes.

  • Batsmen who prefer front foot have success with bats with lower middles.
  • Batsman who play more back foot prefer high middles.

The height of the middle is also related to the type of pitches.

Players being bought up on pitches that keep low (like India or Sri Lanka) opt for lower middles, where as higher middles tend are successful on harder bouncier wickets like Australia or South Africa.

Look at the bat

Finally, bats nowadays have several features that may, or may not help you. While this is personal preference, it’s good to know the theory:

  • Scoops: One way of improving the pick up is by a concaving the back of the bat. This method sees the spine of the middle keep its height, but ‘scoops’ away either side. This reduces the amount of wood off centre of the middle, but still keeps the original power directly down the centre of the bat.
  • Blade length: Shorter blades tend to pick up lighter than standard blades due to the middle being placed closer to the batsman’s hands. These are not recommended for batsman of roughly 6ft and taller as this can cause problems when in the stance position. 

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Thanks for the article. I have been wondering about getting a mongoose cor3, does anyone recommend it.

What or where can we look on the internet, for us in the (USA) that don't have a cricket shop near by to try 1st hand?

A great place online to check out cricket bats is 3D Sports, they've just announced their cricket bat collection for 2012 and other cricket equipment. They even provide some genuine cricket gear advise on contacting them online. Try it out...

sir, im a good player of leg side .....and play lot of lofted drives and cross batted shots which carry over the line...and i am also good player of cut shot n cover drive.......can u tell me which bat is best suited for me ??????????//

I am mainly a front foot player and was wondering where the middle is on the new for 2012 Gray Nicolls Powerbow and Quantum. Any replies will be much appreciated.

Although I am not an author of this page, by the sounds of it you have the full range of shots (ie back and front foot) and from that I suggest a bat with the 'middle' in the centre of the bat. Although it does depend on where you bat in the order and what type of pitches you tend to play on (fast/slow and high/ low bounce).
You should go on the laver and wood website and get a free bat sizing though. Worked for me

going to the shop is the right suggestion but I live in Saudia and I can't find a Kahuna which I think is sutiable for me. Can anyone give me some suggestions? I'll be grateful


Can anyone suggest me where can i buy good Kookabura bats in Dubai. Also if you can suggest me a bat size according to my height. I am short height 5Ft 4" and weights 130 Pounds and i play mostly on back foot.

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