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How to improve your cricket concentration in 20 minutes a day

Sometimes you just have to practice alone.

There is no one around to train with but you are eager improve your skills. A bowler can go to a net with a box of balls and practice hitting a target. Batsmen are not as lucky because they need someone or something to feed a ball.

But all is not lost.

At least not according to PitchVision Academy coach Dr Ganesh Dutt Chugh. He has been researching the effects of solo training on the concentration skills of cricketers. His findings have shown that you can make a significant difference.

It’s a story that most players have known instinctively for years. The tale of Don Bradman hitting a golf ball with a stump is almost as famous as the batting genius himself.

Dr. Ganesh looked to formalise and test this process to see if it could be replicated in less talented cricketers than the Don.

This was done by testing 30 player’s dynamic concentration (the ability to focus attention on a moving target). Then the players went through a 3 week program of tapping a ball on a bat for 20 minutes a day. The players were retested at the end of the study.

Improved dynamic concentration

The test results showed that after 3 week the players had improved their concentration scores by a significant margin. Bradman’s method (slightly adapted) had been put into the lab and come out with a positive result.

The drill was a simple one:
  • Week one: the ball was tapped anywhere on the bat for 10 minutes, twice a day.
  • Week two: The target area was made smaller, focusing on the middle only.
  • Week three: That target area was reduced to the sweet spot on the bat only.

Of course, when you bat there is more to it than just being able to focus on the ball. You need to be able to judge the line and length, get in position early, and play the shot with good timing and technique all under the pressure of a match situation.

So the question is, can doing a simple drill that improves dynamic concentration generally be transferred to the more complex world of batting?

That is something that the scope of the study didn’t examine and needs further research.

But one thing we can know for sure now is that your concentration improves when you practice tapping a ball on a bat alone.

Reference: Dutt Chugh, G. “Tapping the ball on bat, an effective mean for developing concentration in cricket – A field study” (unpublished)

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Can u plz tell me which Hand Should I use. Bottom Hand,Top Hand or both.

How about:

Week 1: Hit ball on full face of bat
Week 2: Hit ball on edge of bat
Week 3: Hit ball with a stump

This is a great technique.

tell me all the steps from begenning to be a international batsman

Is it OK to use a tennis ball and hold a bat with both hands?

Yes if you like, it's a concentration exercise, not a skill exercise. Bear if you chance the test you may get different results.

i think u should use both hands for hitting.Use top hand along with first two finger and thumb for defensive strokes.

OK thank you..

are we supposed to continuesly without stopping tap the bat with the ball or can we take a break and come back becuase i keep getting a sore hand after a while

as a depend on which shot or playing which area's , when u off drive,on drive and straight drive then use u top hand and supportly use bottom. cross,pull and square shot use u botton and supportly top hand.

I wanna know about how to improve bowlers concentration?

How can we do swing by batt

when I play in a match every ball when I face I try hit the ball to a six but many times I failed sometimes I succeed I want to play a long innings but many times I fail to play long innings after I got out I feel very sad and frustrated
please tell me some techniques to calm down and have patience to play good shots .
I am, a good player every body realised but I want to score runs in every match like every big player
sachin tendulkar AB deviliers , jacque kallis , kumar sanggakara, mahela jayawardena shane watson and many more .these players are very big players and every body knows that these players score runs in almost very match and these score runs so why I do not score runs in every match despite
being a good player . please tell me some techniques to play good cricket.

Hello there sir,

Could you please tell me how to keep calm while fielding?
The concentration becomes really poor i guess. Is this the only technique to increase it?
Is there any other way to increase my focus in the game?