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How to improve your cricket discipline

In the 1960s it was found out that the amount of self-discipline you have at the age of 4 is related to the amount of success you have as an adult.

The simplest explanation behind this is that success is built around your ability to stay in control.

This is especially true in cricket: A game that requires long periods of intense concentration. Here is how to train yourself to improve your discipline.

  • Don't fear failure. Everyone fails. You will dodge the gym sometimes. You will get out to a loose shot occasionally. Accept it, learn from it and start again as if you had never made the mistake.
  • Set small goals. Breaking your aims for the year down to individual games helps you focus on the task in hand and avoid distractions. Just like the AA maxim, do it one day at a time.
  • Have a switch. Nobody can concentrate for hours at a time without a break. This means when you are playing you need to learn to switch your focus on and off to conserve your store of discipline. You can read how to do this here.
  • Reward yourself. If you do something that requires discipline then reward yourself for doing it. The trick only works if you only reward success though. If you fail, don't reward yourself as a consolation, just set a new target and go for that instead.
  • Work with others. If others a relying on you then you are less likely to give up. So get a training buddy make sure you know your role in the team. It may be more important than you realise.
  • Know your excuses. It's very easy to excuse yourself on the most flimsy of reasons in the heat of the moment. In a quiet time write down what those excuses are. Next time you feel like giving up remember your list, if your excuse is on the list you have just called yourself.

What these tricks really boil down to is a simple idea: Reward your discipline and ignore your failures. Keep that principle in mind and your game will soar.

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