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How to improve your cricket in the winter

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In the UK summertime is officially over. For most club players with the passing of BST and the falling of leaves go thoughts of cricket until spring.

That's a mistake. The winter is a great time to make big strides in your strength, endurance, power, speed and even technique.

With only indoor cricket to satisfy your itch for the game, you can focus on building up a base of fitness and skill from which you can rise to the peak when summer comes around.

Off season options

A lot of cricketers take up another sport when the weather gets cold. This is a great tactic for maintaining a general level of conditioning and strength but there is little crossover from the football field to the cricket pitch unless you are a natural at both.

A more cricket improvement based approach would be to make a plan for what you want to improve in the off season. If you feel you are not lasting the pace perhaps you could decide to let leaner and better conditioned. If you lack pace in your bowling you could work on developing your speed through specific power training.

Most major counties offer winter coaching with highly qualified coaches for reasonable prices too now. A few weeks with some one to one attention from a county coach could really see you making strides in technique.

Whatever your goals (and over a long off-season you can have several), do what Blaine and Scott recommend and make a plan. Consider it a roadmap to where you want to be in your fitness.

Personally, I would not want to spend a winter anywhere but in the gym, safe in the knowledge every session is improving my speed, power and strength. You might be more of an outdoor type or want to make things competitive by playing another sport.

Whatever you do, letting yourself go to seed until winter nets (or even pre-season matches) is a recipe for worse cricket, increased injuries and a season of frustration.

Winter, it seems, could be the most important time for your cricket.

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these didnt help at all

I'm sorry to hear that Alex, what help were you looking for? Maybe I can do a new post that helps more.

Hi, I'm 25, a quick bowler and has suffered with back spasms for the last five seasons. i want to know if there is any specific programmes or strategies i can use in the winter to help build strength in my back.

any advice would be greatly received.

Have you got any video footage of your bowling action? Can send you a core stabilty program on email

I would be very surprised if a weak back was the cause of your back spasms. Get referred to a good physio to correctly diagnose the cause.

Hi I am a 16 year old fast bowler. I am around 6 foot 3 inches tall and sometimes can struggle when opening the bowling and I tend to spray the ball around early on. If i get a second spell it is usually superb in comparison to the first spell, this is evident in my bowling average in the first spell it was 38.78 and in the second spell it was 9.64 a quite obvious difference. I would also like to know if you have any fast bowling specific gym training programs.

i am 17, fast bowler. i need help with my fitness, some fitness skills. u can e-mail me on thaks.

Hi im 14, an off spinner and from Australia. Summer is just coming to an end here and i have had a reasonably good season this year in both my junior and representitive teams. However I had some trouble retaining my form at the beggining of the season as i had not done any bowling during the off season here. Do you have any tips to help my bowling in the off season?

Hi, I am a 14 year old fast bowler from Australia. When I bowl I have trouble with consistency and often loose my pace. I also have trouble recovering from games and training as I get very sore muscles (mostly my bowling shoulder). So if I am playing 2 games on consecutive days I generally bowl very slowly on the second day. Could you please give me some tips on what to do.