How to Play Fast Bowling as Effectively as Mandeep Singh | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

How to Play Fast Bowling as Effectively as Mandeep Singh

Imagine opening the batting for Kings XI Punjab in Mohali. The opposition is Deccan Chargers and standing at the end of his run is no less that Dale Steyn; one of the world’s most destructive pacemen.

It’s fair to say your heart would be racing. That’s a situation experienced by 20 year old Punjab opener Mandeep Singh. Yet despite the pressure, the pace and fear he is flourishing. Many critics have him on the fast-track to becoming India’s next big thing.

How does he stay calm under pressure and play fast bowling so well? There are some simple training techniques you can use:

Groove your technique

There is no point starting your quest to playing pace by facing the bowling machine at 145kph. You need to have faith in your technique and that means:

Underarm feeds
Bowling machine/throwdown at a slow pace

Here you can work on getting properly aligned and balanced to defend, drive or play a cross bat shot.

Many players skip this part, thinking their technique is good enough that they don’t need to do any simple grooving. But every session that you do that hones your positioning is locking in muscle memory for more advanced drills.

Challenge your reactions

While you work on your basic positioning, you can also challenge your eyes, reactions and technique at pace.

You can do this by having a coach or batting buddy underarm a series of 4-6 balls in quick succession. This forces you to quickly decide to play or leave.

You can step up the pace of this again by facing tennis balls hit with a racquet. For demonstrations of these drills have a look at Gary Palmer’s Build Confidence with Solid Defensive Technique and Tactics online coaching course.

Know what makes you confident

Mandeep Singh’s success is not just down to technique. He feels confident about his ability too. He knows he can play very fast bowling and so plays with excitement rather than fear.

You will have your own methods for building confidence (outside of practice). Learn what your best routine is, and stick with it, get your self-talk right and be sound in your role in the side.

You may not be facing Steyn anytime soon, but when you do come up against a bowler who is fast enough to challenge you, you will be confident that you will succeed because you have put in the work, just like Mandeep Singh.

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how to play offspinner,specially for example if we are playing against sunil narine how we can understand his deliveries,,,what types of variation he is bowling.................?,Very complex deliveries he is having...............I want to suggest you that publish one article on in which types of variation or deliveries sunil throw to in comming years when youngster will grow up............what method they can use to play that they can save themself from dizastar of sunil narine..................(You will be become a 1st person to publish a secret of sunil narine)publish article to it will help to all cricketers of this world....................

Lovely idea, the challenge is to find someone who CAN play him for the advice! But I like the comment. How to a play a mystery spinner...

Hi, I have been a big fan of pitchvision and all the useful advice on it . I am a colt cricketer who recently got selected for the county squad for my age group, and have been struggling to play a full range of shots against the faster bowling. I am finding it very difficult to play full balls swinging outside of the off stump as I cannot seem to move my feet and weight quickly enough. I am also a wicketkeeper, so bat in the lower middle order at county level, where it is necessary to try and increase the run rate as soon as possible. Any advice on how I could read the delivery and get into position more quickly would be greatly appreciated.

I'am ranjith. I was a cricket player, but i didnt played any game past 2 year. So i'am now struggling to have the foot works. Pullshote and cover drives are risky.
Then u have to say me which kind of balls should play in front foot.

focus the bowlers hand from he running to deliever and bowl too. watch the seem if posible,then we play any kind of bowler and bowling.