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How to Play the Cut Shot

In an exclusive excerpt from Finisher - the streaming online batting coaching course - Michael Bevan gives us his advice on the technical points of the cut shot.

For this technical session, I want to work on the cut shot. The two aspects that are key are:

  • Swing plane
  • Hip snap

What I mean by swing plane is where your bat comes from to where your bat goes. For a safe swing plane and to hit the ball down, you want your bat coming from high to low.

The other thing is hip snap, or engaging your hip, because that's going to help with power. To do this you need your front foot slightly open because that allows you to clear your hips. If you do this right and snap through, your back heel will twist slightly.

You don't need your back foot to go back and across but you need your weight on your front foot, with your toes pointing towards the bowler.

That gives you the opportunity to turn your hips towards the bowler. One of the crucial things for generating power when we're playing a cut shot is the hips, and we want the hips engaged and rotating towards the bowler because that will enable us to generate power in our shot. So, the position of your feet and weight has to be right to ensure that your hips can rotate.

Because you are working on grooving technique, you are not going to work on all these things at once. Take one skill at a time and one body movement at a time to ensure you’re getting it right.

The cut shot is essentially “snappy hips” followed by the up to down motion with the bat and the swing plane, you're going to get power and you're going to get safety because the ball is going to go down and it's going to down quickly.

For more tips on shot selection and technical consistency, including video content, check out Finisher, by Michael Bevan.

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