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How to Stop the Bad Habit that Stifles Success

Leg Spin Bowling Lesson #2:  How to Stop the Bad Habit that Stifles Success

Every wondered how to stop over-thinking things? It’s called analysis paralysis. If I told you the answer to the problem would you read right to the end of this article to find out?

It’s only natural to analyse. Leg spinners love the art. It sort of comes with the deal. If you didn’t, your career would be short-lived. The typical leggie is always thinking; changes to wrist position here, a new variation there.  

There is always something in the pipeline that is about to make all the difference.

But it never happens.
What’s going on?

To find out we need to look at a leg spinner with a bad case of paralysis analysis.

Simon bowls leg spin at club level. He has always given it plenty of turn. Recently his game has gone downhill, although he practices hard. He has been hit for a few runs in matches and his captain is bowling him less.

Upset by these events he starts to search online for the solution. He scours YouTube. He lurks in forums. He tries different searches in Google.

To his relief he finds other spinners with the same problem and lots of suggestions as to how to overcome them.

There are so many suggestions that they start to conflict with each other. He doesn’t know which advice is correct because on the internet everyone is an expert.

Overloaded by information he decides to carry on with what he is doing. He is hoping that he can get a few more maidens next week to satisfy his captain. He is confused and overwhelmed.

Poor Simon is paralysed.

Spinners like him can stay stuck where they are for weeks and months. Progress stalls; he starts bowling more economically but he loses his bite, dip and turn; he stops being a leg spinner and starts being a slow bowler.

 It’s time to be concerned.

How to cure analysis paralysis

The answer to any analysis paralysis is as simple as one word:


When solving a problem, doing something is always better than doing nothing. The trouble is that you are paralysed by all the options.

Which methods are right in a world of almost endless options and unlimited information?

It’s the job of the coach to know what to do first. Experienced coaches can draw on their knowledge to go straight to the right answer. When you buy Leg Spin: How to Defeat Your Mid-Career Crisis you get access to a coach who will help you take the right action.

Only things that are proven to work go into the course, with years of real-life coaching experience backing up the drills and advice.

You will be able to depend on what you are told.

You don’t have to worry about wasting time on incorrect information from someone on the internet who has never really coached a leg spinner. You can go straight to the right answer and start moving forward again.

When you watch the videos you will find yourself analysing exactly how to use the techniques in your own individual situation. That’s OK, that’s the right time to analyse.

To make sure you don’t get stuck analysing again there are also action-based worksheets to help you move forward. Use them. Act.

Don’t get stuck anymore.