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How to Win In the Last Over Like Mumbai Indians

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In the 2012 IPL, Mumbai seemed to be the last over winning specialists, winning 3 from 3 close finishes.

How did they do it?

You could argue it's all about luck, but it's funny how the harder you work, the luckier you get.

No, the real difference with Mumbai is the sheer refusal to give up of the players involved.

Take the story of Dwayne Smith against Chennai.

The Mumbai innings was in tatters after a great start. 8 wickets down - and the very average batting skills of RP Singh at the other end - Smith had only faced 3 balls when he took guard in the 19th over.

14 runs were required in 3 balls.

Smith knew that he had nothing to lose.

He knew that he was a big hitter and he was more than capable of winning the game. He had the robust confidence of a player who had been in this situation before and succeeded.

He typified the Mumbai spirit of 'never say die'.

And of course he hit a sequence of 6,4,4 to get his side over the line.

He used the backload technique combined with natural power and a good eye.

But how he did it really didn't matter. Each close game was won in adifferent way, but what stayed the same was the approach to the game.

He had the calmness of a player who knew exactly what to do. He didn't waste time with noisy negative self-talk. He played his strong shots and they came off.

Refusal to give up comes from confidence, and confidence comes from practing in the way that you play and making investments in the bank of confidence.

Don't leave it to luck or hope. Put in the practice and you will be more like Mumbai.

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