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Ian Pont Reveals Latest Fast Bowling Development on PitchVision Academy

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Fast bowling guru Ian Pont has revealed the latest way to improve fast bowling speed exclusively online at PitchVision Academy.
The new technique, called 'drop step and front foot block', has been taken by Pont from the world of javelin and adapted to cricket fast bowling. He has never revealed the secrets of how to put the technique into a bowling action, until now.
After spending a day filming at the picturesque Ealing Cricket Club in West London, Pont has added an exclusive 10 minute online video to his 'How to Bowl Faster' coaching course on PitchVision Academy. The video features Pont's very own drills on how to teach the technique to any fast bowler. England prospect Catherine Dalton provides the textbook-quality demonstrations.
Ian Pont said "The drop step and front foot block is already seen in players like Brett Lee, Alan Donald and Stuart Broad, but 99% of bowlers just don't use it. With it there could be some frighteningly fast bowlers, but we have not seen the full potential of it yet. With the right drills any bowler can get quicker using it, and those with the right attributes can bowl really, really fast."
PitchVision Academy Director of Coaching David Hinchliffe agreed, saying "Having seen how Ian has increased the pace of Essex fast bowler Cath Dalton I can vouch for the effectiveness of the drop step and front foot block. PitchVision Academy is the only place you can get a complete breakdown of the technique and drills that you can teach to any bowler from the 10 year old beginner upwards."
To purchase the online coaching course 'How to Bowl Faster' by Ian Pont, PitchVision Academy

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