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If You Can Bowl Yorkers You Can Write Your Own Cheque for the IPL

There is no sight more pleasing than your yorker taking out a batsman’s stumps. Like a sniper you can use a single yet fatal blow to cause destruction.

And it’s a skill that when done at pace is worth a fortune because it wins you Twenty20 games (and there is no faster way to make a fortune than to show you can win IPL matches).

As you know, a yorker is a delivery that is directed to land right at batsman’s feet. It’s one of the hardest balls to play in cricket.

And also very tricky to bowl (which is why it’s so valuable to an IPL franchise, or just a local club).

Let’s now examine how you can bowl effective yorkers; it’s easier than you think.

Where do I pitch the ball?

The most important part in bowling a successful yorker is its line. If it doesn’t land right where the batsman is standing it’s not a yorker.

Generally the desired length for yorker is towards batsman’s pads but sometimes when the batsman is backing away, clever bowlers bowl yorkers outside off stump. But the best and most effective way is to aim for the stumps and make the ball land where batsman is standing.

How do I get more accurate?

Accuracy is everything in bowling yorkers. If you miss your length by a tiny fraction and throw up a juicy full toss you are ineffective. If you bowl on the wrong line (wide outside off or leg) are smashed. Bottom line: accuracy is everything.

So they key is to experiment with a method that works for you. There are so many different types of bowler that there is no standard advice.

But most player’s simply don’t practice bowling yorkers and working out how to bowl them. So get in the nets and practice hard by bowling at a target without a batsman.

If you do this you will develop your yorker skills and excel.

Whether you are playing on the street or in IPL, good yorkers will get you wickets and make the batsmen terrified of you. It’s not a rocket science. The more you practice the more accurate your yorkers become. And if your yorkers are accurate, it’s only a matter of time before you become a fast bowler everyone fears. 

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