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Indian Fast Bowlers: BOOK NOW for Ultimate Pace Foundation

In in this article on how to bowl faster, Ian Pont explains how his methods at the Ultimate Pace Foundation in Bangalore will help you bowl faster. Click here to book now.

No fast bowler should substitute pace for accuracy. If you do it right, you have both.

Accuracy is essential for all bowlers from spinners to really fast bowlers. Accuracy is a given. If you are not accurate as a bowler you will be playing for fun on a Sunday afternoon in the park. But when we get to any decent level, you need pace too. At top speed the batsman has less time to react.

If you bowl a yorker at 160kph, it doesn't matter what the pitch is like, no one is keeping it out!

That's where my coaching at Ultimate Pace Foundation comes into play as you learn to bowl fast and accurate.


Bowl Faster: 4 Tent Pegs

Improving bowling technique is an art, not a matter of copying a template. My structure for fast bowling is based on "4 Tent Pegs" or the 4 points in the action that generate pace and accuracy.

Additionally, there are 3 ways to generate pace, so we need to establish which method is best for each bowler too:

  1. High Rotational Force - fast arms
  2. High Ground Speed - fast run up
  3. Arm Pull - like a javelin throw

Mike Proctor - the great bowler from the 70s - had number 1 and 2 but didn't have 3. He was quick. Shaun Tait is the opposite, he jogs up and uses number 3 to generate as much pace.

Some bowlers will look picture perfect at tent peg 2 (front foot landing) and tent peg 3 (ball release) but finish badly. Others might have a lean on tent peg 1. If you have all 4 tent pegs in place you are going to be an incredibly talented bowler who is quick. However, these are guidelines, not hard and fast rules.

Cricket is littered with bowlers who have strange actions that do well. So you need to work out what is the best action for you.

Fast bowling as a process

Not all errors need correcting.

If a bowler takes 5 wickets but they were all caught on the boundary with long hops, we still say "well bowled". We are focusing too much on the outcome. That means fast bowling has a mystery around it like it's hocus-pocus because not everyone understands it. The skill of the coach is to break this with good technical understanding and - this is key - know what to correct and what to leave alone.

Knowledge isn't power. The application of knowledge is power. Imagine a coach who simply told you everything that was wrong with your action then drove off at high speed at the end of the session! You would be left scratching your head wondering how to correct the issue.

So, at Ultimate Pace Foundation over 7 days, we identify what is wrong as a first step, but then we show you how to correct those problems so you can keep the plate spinning long after we have finished the camp. A week is plenty of time to go through this process with no excuse or distractions to avoid the work. It's a kick start where you can focus for a week, then go away and keep doing those drills: Getting faster and more accurate.

This is for those serious about bowling faster, not a cricket crèche. We have everyone from 11 year old's to IPL contracted professionals.

The camp is set up to be flexible enough that you can come from your already establish programme and bolt on work with us to speed up your progress. Or, if you are a young player, you can get the basics locked in. Is there anything better than an 11 year old being able to see IPL heroes at the same camp? Talk about inspiring!

This isn't a big brand name sponsored camp where you need to be a professional to have access. This is a genuine attempt to create a place for any budding fast bowlers to come and train and bowl faster.

In other words, this is your one chance.

Click here to book now and take it. Places are limited so don't delay.

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