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Is your running slowing you down?

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Think back to your coaching sessions when you were younger. No doubt you were painstakingly taught the correct bowling action, the forward defensive and many other complicated techniques.

What about being taught how to run?

Most cricketers are never coached about running because it's assumed everyone already knows how, but running technique is a skill that needs to be practiced. Top class runners spend many hours developing their technique to improve speed and reduce the risk of injury. Can you as a cricketer learn from this? You can if you have ever:

  • Suffered a knee, ankle or hip injury from overuse.
  • Been run out.
  • Been fielding and not quite got to the ball as it trickles over the boundary rope.

If that sounds like you, consider spending some time grooving your running technique as well as you cover drive.

If you are following the SAQ cricket training plan you will already be doing this.

If not make sure you set some time aside during your warm ups to do some technique drills.

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If you want a more comprehensive guide to reducing injury risk and increasing cricket specific fitness, check out county strength coach Rob Ahmun's guide on PitchVision Academy.


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[...] Work on technique. Traditionally technique work involves having a net. Ask yourself if this works for you – especially if there is no coach available. Without someone to help you develop you can’t improve your technique. Instead you could work on your running technique through running drills. This will improve your speed in the middle. [...]

[...] Running to success Running technique Fielding drills Combining nets with conditioning Work to rest ratio [...]

I am a sports therapist (uk) and now even a strength and conditioning coach for professional in mumbai, i need some coaching tips please guide me.
Thank you

If you are all those things you should have all the tools you need for the job! What tips are you looking for?

Im a new beginner.... I joined before 1 year...i want to become a batsman...tell me how can i learn / practise different shots daily... I can spend only 3 hours in nets,,,,tel me some ways to practise so that i cover all d shots at the end of 6 months.....after learning how to play different shots,i can put more efforts in nets....pls tel me sir..