Kevin Pietersen Shows You Exactly How to Become an Explosive Batsman in Keep Calm and Smash It | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Kevin Pietersen Shows You Exactly How to Become an Explosive Batsman in Keep Calm and Smash It

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PitchVision Academy is delighted to present Kevin Pietersen as the man behind Keep Calm and Smash It, the online batting coaching course.

Revolution is an overused word but if one person personifies revolution it’s KP. And for the first time he is about to revolutionise the way you bat too.

Keep Calm and Smash It is the online batting guide from the England and Delhi Daredevils superstar. Direct from the man himself, you can discover how to emulate his stellar success with the bat.

And there is no one better to show you because, as a youngster, Pietersen was written off as a gentle off spinner who could slog down the order. Despite that tag, he has over 11,000 international runs, has been world number 1 batsman, a Wisden Player of the Year and is a crucial cog in England’s rise to the best team in the world.

The course was filmed on location at KP’s home county of Surrey and features revealing interviews and all-action videos of batting in the nets while the 3 times Ashes winner commentates on his technique, tactics and mental approach.

It’s the first time that the secrets of the International batsman have been demonstrated outside the inner sanctum of Team England. Everyone has seen these methods in action on TV, but now you will learn exactly how to practice them and put them into action, and why they work so well.

If you ever wanted to play the switch hit, or the slap shot, or get an effective trigger move this course is for you.

If you ever wondered how an experienced international player constructs an innings this course is for you.

If you ever wondered how to get through a slump this course is for you.

If you ever wanted bulletproof self-confidence at the crease this course is for you.

To help you with this, the course doesn’t begin and end with videos. This is not some 3 minute YouTube clip you watch and forget. Every aspect of the course has been designed to help you emulate KP by showing you exactly how to practice in your specific circumstances.

Personalised worksheets and online interactions guide you through the maze of options you have when you are working out how to practice. The course even allows you to interact with other enrolees be they your batting buddy from your team or someone from halfway around the world.

Keep Calm and Smash It is the total step-by-step package to batting success and everything you need in inside in one place that you can access from any PC with an internet connection.

The course is available soon, but until then PitchVision Academy is giving away exclusive content from KP both as a taster of what to come in the course and extra advice and tips direct from the man himself that wont ever be published elsewhere.

So if you want some free email advice from KP (with no obligation to buy, and you can stop the emails at any time), click here.  

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