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I want to introduce you to my two new online coaching courses - Keep Calm and Smash It - because I felt it was time I passed on my experiences and techniques in making it as a batsman and create the next generation of Internationals.

But I don't want to do it by telling you how to do it from the MCC coaching manual because I truly believe I would never have been a success unless I learned to do it my own way.

That's why these courses are different.

Keep Calm and Smash It is an online way for you to learn your own game and develop your own skills the way I did.

I wanted to make a complete guide so I've produced over an hour of videos that teach ideas for you to put into place. You can watch me in the nets and see me talk about:

  • How to get on top, and stay on top
  • Defeating pace and the ball turning
  • The factors that go into making up bulletproof self-confidence
  • Dealing with a slump in form – and coming through the other side
  • How to develop and play new shots like the switch hit
  • Secrets of making the most of practice

There are full colour manuals that contains pages of photos, diagrams and worksheets that allow you to come up with your own specific game plans.

I've even made sure that there is an exclusive discussion forum where you can share your batting thoughts and ideas. Maybe a batsman in India or England or Australia has had similar experiences to you.

Overall it all comes together to give you a total batting guide.

And I promise you not a word of dogma.

The course is out now. To get previews and my exclusive advice (that's not in the course) to your inbox, enter your email in the box.

Kevin Pietersen


"Thank you for the advice KP. It helped me when I played yesterday's match against Durham!" Shiv, Derbyshire U14 & Swarekstone CC

It was great for me to see KP opening up and speaking so honestly in front on the camera. When I was working with KP I was lucky enough to experience this on a day-to-day basis. Now anyone can tap into the views, techniques, mindset and practice methods that have made him into a world leader." Mark Garaway, Former England Analyst

"Quite simply the most revealing insight into top level batting ever produced." David Hinchliffe, Director of Coaching, PitchVision Academy

"This online course has really been of help to me. Now I play with much more freedom and I am much more relaxed when I bat. I don't worry about getting out. Fantabulous!" Darpan

"As someone who has been out of form in the batting department, the advice here has really boosted my confidence and I'm now playing as I used to. Thanks!" Tom Peppiatt

"I think it's great that you have taken the time to create such a great program for up-and-coming cricketers such as myself. You provide fantastic tips and you have certainly furthered my knowledge and skills." Simone Mitchell

"I am a budding cricketer and KP's biggest fan. His tutorials and videos have helped me a lot to improve my batting skills." Harish, Tamil Nadu

"I was earlier a very poor batsman but now I've become a good one by following your tips. Thank you." Raghu Vansh, India

"You give awesome suggestions on batting. I have a dream in which I want to play for my country, win world cups, make my country proud and make my mom and dad proud. You have inspired me with your talk of ambition." Syed Moin Hussain

"Loving it! I've implemented the trigger movement and backlift into my game with fairly instant results. I wish I could thank KP personally for his help but if this is the closest I get I am very grateful for his online tutelage." Blaize

"The course has been brilliant. I used to play the spinners wrong but now I play them the right way. I used to worry about getting out but now I don't worry about that; I just go out and play my natural game. Thank you for improving my batting technique and confidence." David, UK

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Course Release Date - 27 January 2012