A Team of Captains: How to Use Leadership to Produce Winning Results | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

A Team of Captains: How to Use Leadership to Produce Winning Results

There’s only one captain in a team, but everyone can be a leader.


Good teams have a certain feeling of togetherness and spirit. I’m sure you have felt that when your team is doing well. I’m sure you also know when a culture is toxic and reducing your chances of success.

This culture doesn’t spring out of thin air. It’s created.

Great culture only arrives when you have great behaviours. Great behaviours are driven by leaders.

So it all comes back to your ability to lead. Whoever you are. No permission or captain's armband needed.

How to lead

You don’t have to set the field or make a big speech to lead. Leadership starts with simple things.

You can lead by example, putting in excellent performances on the field when others fail. Never giving up until the last ball. This extends to how much you train. It even extends to how you conduct yourself; being on time and behaving like a gentleman.

You can lead by serving your team mates. This is things like being always happy to help with throwdowns at practice, making sure others get help in times of need and being always available for a chat. Even a bit of coaching or video analysis.

These things might seem small but each time you show yourself as kind, reliable and calm in crunch moments you are building up that positive culture that leads to positive results.

Naturally, you have to be authentic. You can’t be someone you are not for long, but you can be the best, most helpful version of you that you can be. If that means being an “always late” person who manages to arrive bang on time instead, then you are building a better team. Just by setting the alarm clock 15 minutes earlier!

The point is, you get to choose.

You are a leader. Even if you don't have a label like coach or captain. You can help build a culture through your leadership.

That means you own your decisions. You control your space and that influences others. Take that power and use it.

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