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Point to Fine Leg

Hi, I’m Stacey, also known as LilMissAshes to the cricketing world

I’m a lady on a mission!

I’m tired of going to cricket grounds and being one of very few young women there. Cricket is a fantastic sport which no woman should fear. To assist this mission I have written an eBook called Point to Fine Leg explaining cricket to the ladies in fun, innuendo filled way – in the language all women would understand.

My math is easy: read my book, understand cricket, watch cricket at grounds.


I also update my blog where you can read about all things cricket with a cheeky, feminine twist. Haven’t you ever wondered how we see the game?

Follow me at @LilMissAshes for various match updates with some added spice. You’ll experience my somewhat quirky take on the beautiful game, and I’m always up for a good cricket debate.

It’s all about the banter!

So download my book and get involved.