Manchester goes mad to the tune of PitchVision Academy Live! | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Manchester goes mad to the tune of PitchVision Academy Live!

Local cricketers got a taste of rock n roll cricket as revolutionary coaching roadshow “PitchVision Academy Live!” rocked the Old Trafford cricket ground.

Featuring cricket, music, plasma screens, high energy and intense competition, this was the rock concert of cricket coaching.

After a warm welcome from us, players experienced the latest technology with traditional coaching methods in a fast paced session featuring batting, bowling and fielding.

But before we kicked off “team Manchester” got a photo to put themselves against the other venues later in the tour:

PitchVision Academy Live Team Manchester

Using the PitchVision sensor mats seamlessly integrated into the nets at the indoor school, players could see a huge range of stats and graphics including how fast and accurate they bowled and how many runs they scored in the net. 

The best players were selected to take part in a dramatic final test of their fielding skills under pressure of the watching coaches, parents and other players. The result went to the wire with the final throw from Tom Jones snatching victory from the favourite Daniel Maddocks to riotous applause.


The tired but happy players all took away bags stuffed with freebies from the day. Many players had never seen how fast they bowled before, or had practiced under the pressure of knowing there performance was logged and compared to others. But with PitchVision it was all on hand instantly.

The best bowler, batsman and fielder won prizes, handed out by miSport CEO Richard Welch:

From my point of view as a coach and host of the night things could not have gone better.

We ran 3 different PitchVision systems alongside fast-paced, high-energy real-life coaching for several hours and everyone got their go, smooth as clockwork.

I got to meet some PitchVision Academy players first hand again, and it was exciting to talk to cricketer’s young and old who I have previously only known online or via email.

We were delighted to welcome Pro Coach to help with the coaching and you can find out details of their services on their website.

We videoed the event and you can see the highlights here:

Or you can click here to see the rest of the pictures.

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