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 About miSport

miSport was formed in 2005 to develop mobile, interactive sports training systems and games. The company's core vision is to make television and academy style feedback available at the fingertips of every grass-roots players every time they play.  A seamless partnership between sport and technology. 

Investing heavily in R&D miSport has, over the past 4 years, painstakingly developed a completely ground-breaking, patent protected, motion tracking technology. The result is that miSport can offer at a mass-market price a portfolio of real-time player analysis products currently only available to professionals or elite academies. 

As a business miSport is underpinned by a remarkable, highly sophisticated business model - spanning  from manufacturing to software licencing to web community to data-driven multi-media.  Collectively these components operate as a broad-based but fully integrated platform that generates unique and amazing products and services that blur the line between real world activity and data-driven virtual world gaming and education.  Even more remarkably, the platform is completely seamless in it operation - the user experience from localised live activity to global virtual-world experience is instantaneous. 

miSport also believes that our success, just as in sport itself, is about team work – building partnerships with the many groups that are already stakeholders in sport – local Clubs, Schools, Sports Centres, and of course coaches and players. The fully integrated nature of the platform also means that miSport captures & retains value in every area of the product offering and can therefore offer partnerships that are relevant at every step of the value chain (sports equipment, sports surface manufacturing,distribution,coaching businesses, web commerce, computer game integration and more.)  We already work closely with an impressive list of well known, high quality Equipment Manufacturers, Sports Associations, Professional Coaches and Computer Game companies.

A partnership with miSport means that you share in our uniqueness - and that uniqueness becomes your competitive advantage.  

On this site you will find details of our products and data platform. Most importantly however, we invite your consideration and comment and would be pleased to discuss the miSport company and PitchVision platform with you.