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You know I am not one for hyperbole in this newsletter. That said, I'm also never shy when it comes to singing about how good your weekly email really is. And how!

James Anderson gives us 80 minutes of how to bend it round corners in his new online course for starters. Graham Gooch is back with more advice on running between the wickets. And Mark Garaway has more inspirational ideas.

Plus, in the middle of all this amazing content is an even more amazing new look.

What a line up.

What a newsletter.

But enough self-congratulation. Get reading and have a great weekend!

David Hinchliffe

Video Coaching From England's #1 Wicket Taker: Jimmy Anderson

In April 2015, James Anderson had Denesh Ramdin caught at slip for his 384th Test wicket, making him England's highest Test match wicket taker.

Now, on PitchVision Academy, Jimmy is showing you exactly how he did it through his online video guide: Jimmy613. It's the most comprehensive guide to fast bowling available.

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Presented by ex-England batsman Ian Ward, this course features more than 80 minutes of video footage that constitutes the most comprehensive analysis of fast bowling from one of the world’s leading exponents of the art. All the streaming videos are split into chapters to make it totally relevant to your needs.

On the course,

  • There are 80 minutes of video footage that constitutes the most comprehensive analysis of fast bowling available. Jimmy demystifies the fitness secrets of the modern player.
  • Ian Ward gets Jimmy to demonstrate masterclass skills: Outswing, Inswing, Wobble Ball, Bouncer, Reverse Swing, Yorker, Slower Ball and Left Handers.
  • There is analysis of field settings and line and length bowling
  • Jimmy provides special tips for junior and club level bowlers that can be used in your next game.

This is a rare insight into to skills and work of a leading international bowler with an incredible record of pace, control and longevity.

We are delighted that Jimmy has chosen to let PitchVision see how he has become such a high class and long lasting bowler. Now you can join the ride, and ride on his tips.

Click here to buy now.

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PitchVision's Modern New Look, Same Great Taste

It's exciting times for your favourite cricket coaching brand: PitchVision is getting a complete new look, and it's not just cosmetic.

Thanks to the extraordinary success of PitchVision Academy and the PitchVision tracking systems, we are able to upgrade your experience while keeping everything you love right where it belongs: In your hands. It's a testament to the success you have brought to PitchVision.

If you are worried that this means things are going to change, don't panic. We will still be producing the content you love. In fact we are now able to make it better, more relevant and faster to get you towards your cricket goals.

All that is epitomised in the brand new look. PitchVision is here to stay, and here to serve you exactly the way you want it.

Here is the new PitchVision logo in all it's glory:

You'll see it all over the PitchVision site and on the systems around the world from Cricket South Africa to Lord's to your local cricket club. Take it all in and remember that you don't have to do a thing.

The logo has changed but you still get the content. If you get updates via email you still get them exactly as you did.

Any questions or worries?

You might have questions about the change. If you do I want you to feel free to get in touch.

Here are some questions answered that you may already have:

  • What are you selling? PitchVision Academy has an insanely large free archive and weekly updates. Nothing has changed. We continue to offer premium video coaching from top names like Kevin Pietersen for a small fee. You can purchase a PitchVision system, but we still love you if you don't. The free stuff will always be free.
  • Will I have to subscribe again? Nope.

Still have questions? Please contact us.

Still not subscribed? What are you waiting for? It's free!



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Improve Your Running Between the Wickets with Graham Gooch

When you bat, running between the wickets is one of the hardest cricket skills to develop. In this exclusive video for PitchVision Academy, Graham Gooch talks about the importance of working on awareness of when to run, and how to practice it in net situations.


If you can't see the video, click here.

For more batting advice from Graham Gooch, click here.

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Coach Frustrations: Dealing with the "We Have Done This Hundreds of Times" Problem

I'm sure you have been there: Lots of work done in the cricket halls, nets and middles practices, yet we see the same old mistakes over and over again on the field from the players.

Master High Pressure Cricket Moments with These Four Simple Messages

Here's an article that looks at the strategies used by NFL football players to deal with the huge pressure of playing in professional sport. It's simplicity can be applied perfectly to cricket:

  1. "Pressure is a reflection of ambition. Rather than viewing the pressure as a negative, look at it as a great opportunity. It means that you know what you want, and that you actually have a chance of obtaining it.


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