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We all need some help sometimes. Because cricket is a fantastic but frustrating game. There is always something to work on and never enough time to work on it. How many times have you thought “with a little more practice and dedication...”?

It’s a problem seen by Graham Gooch in his work as a professional betting coach. All PitchVision Academy coaches know the story: Frustrated by talented youngsters not developing their potential. We watch coaches make the same mistakes. It’s why we set up PitchVision Academy, so we could help you overcome that frustration and start batting, bowling, fielding or coaching to the highest limits of your ability.

And the great thing is; it worksI’m proud to say that PitchVision Academy has helped millions of players and coaches every single week through our email newsletter and advanced coaching courses, currently hosted by England legend, Graham Gooch.
2,058,871 2,693,147 3,562,073 (and counting) to be exact.
The world of cricket playing is represented. Players from 6 year old beginners to aspiring professionals to club players wanting a few tips to help enjoy their Saturday afternoons, to retired players, now in coaching, wanting their weekly fix of fielding drills. Everyone is here.
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The newsletter is successful because it works. Listen to some of the feedback I have got from readers:

  • ""Your site has continually educated me, backed up my own theories and continues to keep me thinking outs for the square. Without it I would not have got to where I now find myself. I have to keep pinching myself to be honest!" Chris, Head Coach, Victorian Premier Grade Cricket Team
  • "Last season I made my debut for the state senior team in the Vijay Hazare Trophy. Your articles and your personal advice to me have contributed a lot in my success." Pallaf, India
  • "I play for Assam in the Indian First Class Circuit. You and your website have helped me get to where I am today and i am very much thankful to you for that." Pallav, India
  • "I thank PitchVision for being a comprehensive resource for my cricketing needs which have not only accelerated my growth as a player but also given me an ample base of knowledge to impart to my students. In essence,I owe a lot if not all of my income to the guys at PVA without whom I wouldn't be half as good." Varun, India.
  • "The past three e-mails have already got me thinking about things that I'll gladly take into my own game. Keep up the good work fellas, I've got plenty of guys from my club onto your site and it's making a difference."  Clarry Bilston, Australia.
  • "Thankyou very much for the website because it has turned our team round from a bottom of the table side to a team with a decent shout of winning the league." Ollie, UK.
  • "I thought I'd drop you a line to say thanks for your advice. Every bit of advice has been first class." Daley Wharton, UK.
  • "Your service and knowledge of cricket fitness has been absolutely exemplary. The website is a treasure trove of knowledge and i can honestly say there is nothing close to it's quality anywhere." Alex, Australia
  • "You have improved just about all aspects of my cricket from mindset to technique. Thanks!" Dhruv Mehrotra, New Delhi, India.
  • "David has strengthened my mental approach to cricket helping me gain a lot of confidence and trust my abilities at game time. He has been a blessing for cricketers from club to professional level." Kevin Sampath, Australia.
  • "Thanks a million David, I Just worked on your batting tips and got a 50 in the first match and with some handy bowling tips I bagged 4 wickets in the same game. I guess I owe this big thank you to you!" Shoaib, UK.
  • "PitchVision has help my game improve 10 fold, but still have lot of learning to do." Paul, New York, USA
  • "Glad I stumbled on this page, it has really helped me alter my technique and boost my confidence, so much so that I got 122* at the weekend, my highest score this year!" Harry, UK
  • "I owe my cricketing knowledge to you and PitchVision. I have been following your advice solely and it has made me a proud and skilled player. Keep it coming mate." Adytia, India.
  • "Today was my first academy class and with you tips I've been selected for the match against New Delhi in a day! Thank you very much and please, keep up the good work!" Nikhil, India
  • "Loving it! I've implemented the trigger movement and backlift into my game with fairly instant results. I wish I could thank KP personally for his help but if this is the closest I get I am very greatful for his online tutelage."  Blaize
  • "I used to always play according to my coach or captain. After I read your thoughts I am playing like myself and it feels me superb. Now i am fearless and play my own game. These days i learns from my mistakes." Rakesh, Bhubaneswar, India.

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Most Academys charge hundreds just to get in the door and then keep the fees coming every year. They have to with the overheads involved in heating and lighting venues, hiring coaches and replacing equipment.

PitchVision Academy is online so we can pass the savings on to you.

That’s why becoming a Gold member is a one-off payment that lasts a lifetime. When you join you keep reaping the benefits forever. How much more would you pay for the same quality coaching anywhere else? Hundreds? Thousands?

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