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Sourav Ganguly Launches the Sourav Ganguly Foundation and Sourav Ganguly Cricket School Powered by PitchVision


  • Sourav Ganguly’s vision to associate with over 100 centres by December 2017 across West Bengal
  • All schools associated will be powered by PitchVision’s state of the art cricket coaching technology
  • Sourav Ganguly to personally monitor the daily progress through pitchvision.com
  • Over twenty thousand budding cricketers to benefit from Sourav Ganguly Cricket School

 Amidst a lot of fanfare Former Indian Cricket Team’s Captain Mr. Sourav Ganguly launched dream project – ‘Sourav Ganguly Foundation’. Through this initiative, Mr. Sourav Ganguly plans to reach out to each and every district of West Bengal and India to enrich school students with top level cricket expertise.

All these schools will be associated with ‘Sourav Ganguly Cricket School’ that is managed by “Sourav Ganguly Foundation’. All the coaches will be handpicked and mentored by Sourav Ganguly himself and he will physically be present at all schools to personally monitor and nurture young talent. The ‘Sourav Ganguly Foundation’ is powered by PitchVision’s a UK based state of the art cricket coaching technology, which will enable Mr. Sourav Ganguly and his team of cricket coaches to track the overall progress of their students on a day to day basis and these cricketers would get personal and direct guidance from Mr. Sourav Ganguly himself. This innovative technology will aid coaches and provide a comprehensive data of every ball played on its unique digital platform www.pitchvision.com/sgf along with a mobile phone app which will allow the students and parents to communicate with Mr. Sourav Ganguly and also get access to coaching materials via videos TV channels.

During the launch event, an elated Mr. Sourav Ganguly, President of Sourav Ganguly Foundation shared, “It is a joyous moment for all of us. Our whole team has worked relentlessly to realise this dream of taking the highest level of cricket coaching to the grassroots. Team PitchVision has been the ideal partner for Sourav Ganguly Foundation. Through this we promise to take cricket in West Bengal to the next level.”

Further adding to the announcement, Mr Anirban Sen Choudhury, Hon. Secretary of the Sourav Ganguly Foundation said,

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the children to learn cricket from Mr. Sourav Ganguly and start a great cricket career in their life. With Mr. Sourav Ganguly’s vision that education and sports can go hand in hand together, we believe with proper training and technological support your child could be the next big player.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Rohan Timblo, CEO PitchVision said,

“We are extremely proud and happy to be associated with Sourav Ganguly’s visionary initiative. It is a great initiative by him and by (Mr. Anirban and his designation) to help young children dream a guided career in cricket to make it big. Through our technology, we aspire to take his cricket expertise and the team behind his vision, across West Bengal.”

The Sourav Ganguly Foundation is the vision of India's former cricket captain Sourav Ganguly who is the President of Sourav Ganguly Foundation. It is part of Mr. Ganguly’s holistic plan to make West Bengal a reservoir of world class sporting talent.

Recognizing talent is truly nurtured in school, the foundation has launched the Sourav Ganguly Cricket School. A program aimed at reaching out to schools with the intention of providing the best in class infrastructure and cricket coaching facilities in West Bengal. The program includes hand-picked grade A coaches who will impart a curriculum designed by Mr. Sourav Ganguly himself and will look to nurture the talent of young cricketers across West Bengal.

miSport have been at the forefront of interactive sports training systems since 2009. The company’s core vision is to make television and academy style feedback available at the fingertips of every grass-roots player every time they play. A completely ground-breaking, patent protected, motion tracking technology is at the heart of all PitchVision systems.

PitchVision also harnesses the power of the web by aggregating player data onto a unified platform, pitchvision.com. PitchVision gives all registered players the chance to review and share their performance data. Supported by its R&D and manufacturing facility based in Dehradun, PitchVision products are a true “Make In India” success story.

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Kohli's Wonderful Field Settings

I watched some Test cricket in Mumbai this week, it was enthralling viewing. All 28 minutes of it!


I decided to keep the faith with England’s middle to lower order (Jos Buttler was batting after all) and take the three touring Millfield cricket squads to watch the final days play.

Michael Vaughan had warned me the night before that it could be over quickly. He thought that England would take a very aggressive route to try and bash themselves ahead of India and then have a dart at the top order.

But the English batters had all the life squeezed out of them by both good spin bowling and wonderful field settings.

As we watched the game from our elevated perch in the North Stand of the Wankhede Stadium, the boys and girls started to talk about the different field settings that they were seeing in front of them. They commented that in English conditions, you either attacked with your field or defended with your field and never the two should mix.

It’s a very standard, traditional and very English way of going about setting a field.

The contrast being played out in front of these young cricketers was that Virat Kohli deployed his fielders in either an attacking fashion (slip, leg slip, short leg, bat pad offside) or they would be posted out on the boundary.

The dismissals of Chris Woakes was a classic example of how a clever field can build pressure and can make a batsman play a high risk or inappropriate shot.

Let’s break that down and look into the dismissal in more detail.

Chris Woakes: Bowled through the gate attempting to drive the ball against the spin.

The field: slip, leg slip, short leg, mid off, mid on, deep square, deep mid on, cover point, man on the drive leg side.

Gaps are as important as fielders: The massive gap between mid off and cover point was a an attraction to Chris Woakes. You could see that he was looking to hit that gap against the spin as he was eyeing it up from the moment he faced Ashwin. Kohli uses his gaps so cleverly.

Kohli didn’t employ a man on the drive for the England batters throughout most of the innings but did for Woakes in the 2nd innings. He set the “tempting” gap at cover to lure Woakes in and also deployed a leg side drive man for the miscued cover drive that hits the inside half of the bat and spoons into the leg side.

Whilst Ashwin got Woakes with the ultimate off spinners dismissal (through the gate), he also had the the contingency of the catcher as well.

It was great for the children to see the tactics unfold and how the combination of an in/out field and strategic gaps can build pressure and effect dismissals.

The challenge now is to use these tactics in the next 10 days of our tour and then to adapt them to English conditions when we get back to cold and damp England.

How can you learn from Kohli and Ashwin approach to field setting?

Can you adapt these tactics into your cricketing conditions?

Give it a go!

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Cricket Show S7 Episode 47: The Not-So-Humble Single

Sam Lavery, Mark Garaway and David Hinchliffe discuss the issues around coaching and playing cricket. In this show the team talk about the power of the humble single. Like a pawn in chess, it's often underestimated. The discussion tells you more.

After that, listener's questions are chatted through. One player wants to know about "fourth stump line" and someone else is keen to become a professional cricketer in England.

Listen in for the tips, tricks and stories.


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What Use Are Stats in Predicting Cricket?

Recently, I had a great discussion with coach Ian Pont about the use of stats in predicting the future. Now I want to know what you think.

Can you use stats to help your cricket?

Five Lies That Ruin Your Cricket

It’s shocking to see so many cricket players sabotage their chances by lying.


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