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Coach of the Month: Nipun Gupta

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The Coach of Year selection panel are delighted to announce Nipun Gupta from Will2Win Cricket Academy as Coach of the Month.

What makes Nipun the worthy winner?

As a currently state player in Harayana, Nipun is still early in his coaching days. Yet, he also has a deep understanding of the requirements of the modern game. From technology to the classic basics, Nipin spoke with passion to PitchVision about how he coaches the young players at Will2Win.

Like every coach, Nipun stressed the importance of the basics to mastering the game. He talked about bowlers strengthening their action and batsman having a comfortable stance. It was beyond this that things got really exciting.

Nipun is a talented player himself and, as a coach, he recognises the difference between the good players and the excellent ones. He puts it down to work. The best players work hard of course, but they also work in the most efficient way.

Nipun used the example of fitness training to illustrate. He talked about the player who jogs for hours to build up fitness. This is hard work. Then he talked about another player who does a series of full intensity sprints instead. This is harder work but for much less time. It requires more dedication but is more efficient.

Nipun went on to talk about creating adaptable young cricketers too. For him, coaching is a process that never ends. We are alway learning to adapt. The good players are able to learn how to change their game and adapt to circumstances. Nipin builds drills, games and fitness work to build this.

Those who attend Will2Win find Nipin a truly progress coach rooted in the traditions of the game. He is a worthy winner of coach of the month.

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