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14 Mar 18 at 02:04
Fast bowling - Wrist position and fingers

I have been working for a long time on bowling a consistent length. I have developed a consistent bowling action and I am also able to release the ball at the same point in my action. But still some balls end up full toss and some end up short pitch.

I think the problem is my wrist position. I have been working on keeping my wrist cocked and snapping the wrist at the point of release and then pushing the ball out with my fingers as I release the ball. Even though I focus hard on snapping and pushing with my fingers, I still sometimes miss the good length target. In every over, there will be at least 2 balls that are off the mark (either too full or too short).

I think it is because my snap of wrist and release of ball are not coordinated. Sometimes I push the ball out early in my snapping action resulting in a full toss and at other times I snap and then push the ball out a bit late, resulting in a long hop. This is what I feel is going wrong. Is there any way to fix this? I want to release the ball at the right point in my "wrist snap" movement.

Also, I am not sure if I should be pushing hard with my fingers as I release the ball. I feel if I push too hard, the ball ends up as a full toss. Am I supposed to push the ball out hard with fingers or just let it release smoothly?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.