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11 Oct 23 at 15:45
PitchVision webpage

Hi - my question is about the webpage. I have checked the FAQs and don't see how to search this forum, so here goes.

I am in South Africa where we see less and less televised cricket, especially for those of us who cannot afford the expensive pay channels. So I find PitchVision on Youtube a good way to keep in touch with local SA cricket. Thank you for making the stream available and thanks to all the guys who man the cameras and the microphones.

Your match scores page always has the first 30 seconds or so of the video stream playing over and over again. It does use up data. I can pause the stream but it resumes as soon as I scroll the page up again or reload the page. I don't need to see the stream there because I can watch it on Youtube. Why does it need to run? Is there a way that I can disable that stream?

The stream of course does not provide a full scorecard so I find the scoreboard on the match page to be very useful. Thank you to whoever is doing the scoring.

No big deal but I had to ask the question.

Cheers - Neville