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25 Jun 08 at 07:29
Welcome to the miCoach forum

Hi, I’m David the evil mastermind who runs the miCoach section of the PitchVision site. Welcome along to the forums where you can meet other players and discuss any topic around PitchVision miCoach. There are not many rules:

  • Be friendly, don’t say anything to anyone you would not say to their face in front of a room full of people.
  • You don’t need to be an expert to post your opinion. Respect everyone else’s, even if it’s wrong.
  • Keep the discussion to the main topics of miCoach: coaching, playing, fitness, nutrition, psychology, tactics and drills.
  • Enjoy yourself. This is a place for you to meet other likeminded people.

If you want to know anything else you can reach me anytime. David


25 Jun 08 at 08:32

Ha Ha!  Congrats David. Glad to see you've finally got a forum running.  I hope it goes well.  Keep the good stuff comming!  cheers

26 Jun 08 at 10:46

Been a subscriber to HarrowDrive for a long time! Little did I know PitchVision would be setting up its Sydney Offices at the coaching centre I work at!
I'll watch the progress with interest All the best!

27 Jun 08 at 11:56

Good to see you John and thanks for the welcome AstroBoy, I'll do my best.

27 Jun 08 at 17:36

Really excellent website i enjoy nothing more than well qualified intellectual interaction on the beautiful game !

30 Jun 08 at 08:40

It is really Appreciated that you are always involving with new jobs,really Innovative,what influance the other's to involve.the everyday artical's give new ideas to work with,get in touch with the learning process-both.

I am personaly Requesting to all the coaches and Trainers please help to devolop this Forum and the Web to stublish strongly,where the others get benefit.
Best of luck.

09 Jul 08 at 04:59

Good to see a cricket forum that is fresh and not full of junk posts. I like the up to date info on coaching. Everyone should be on the newsletter list - a great tool for all cricketers.

03 Dec 08 at 13:41

how do you change your account settings?
Also, can you add a photo to ur account

02 Mar 09 at 14:59

sir, why doesn't ICC use rubber or tennis balls for game and make cricket safer

02 Mar 09 at 16:26

Cricket without cricket balls.  Interesting ideas, put your proposal to the ICC Rahul!

08 Mar 09 at 12:08

Mr.David, i hae recently been selectd captain of my school team and i have 2 problems.
1.i have no idea what to do with my field(team fielding is weak, batting is very strong, bowling is decent)
2.i have a player who is the keeper and he trys to take over when im making decisions on field. how shud i counter this?

08 Mar 09 at 18:22

In reply to Soham
Im also a captain of my school team. I have done it for a full season last year and will be this year.
Do you have training sessions? If so how much imput do you have? You could encourage the coach or pe teacher to work with the side on thier fielding. You've got to find out who in your side are your best fielders and who has the best throws and bear it in mind when setting your field. Make sure everyone understands where they should be and they they dont drift off somewhere else.
I am the keeper as well as captain and opening batsman so I dont have that problem. If I did have that problem with someone in my team I would probably have a quiet word with them, remind him that you're the captain. But at the same time say that you still want his opinion with him being the keeper. Tell him if he has an idea to talk to you first.
Hope this helps.