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08 Jul 08 at 09:14
20/20 Durham v Yorkshire - A Disgrace to the Game

Last night one of the most disgraceful events in English cricket history occured at the 20/20 Durham v Yorkshire

9,000+ specatators filling the ground, play about to commence, Sky Sports conducting a live broadcast, loads of Kids eagerly looking forward to seeing their heros... everything in place for a showpiece for the game... and what happens?

Due a player registration technicality that related to a previous game, and identified in the minutes before the play was due to commence the entire match is cancelled and everyone sent home!

Dissappointed crowd, dissappointed kids, dissappointed Sky Sports (who after all are PAYING for this product).. What a complete Joke. what incredible short sightedness by the administrators

Us hot-heads here at PV-Academy can think of about 10 different ways the situation could have been handled that would have allowed the game to go on and the 'technicalities' dealt with later. To cancel the game at a moments notice, in this day and age, when there are so many other things people could be doing is simply unacceptable. How many people are going to line up again next time if this sort of thing can happen at the drop of a hat? No wonder the parents just shuffle their kids off to football camps.

Any one else as outraged as us?


08 Jul 08 at 14:55

I was at that game it was mayhem very disapointing it was the first game i had a ticket for gutted. Good hot dogs though !!!!

09 Jul 08 at 23:42

Read the summary in the paper today -as to how it all unfolded. Plenty of chances to chances to get it right and fair decision, but in the heat of the moment didnt (- just like Collingwood!) Just wrong; I wonder if they'll learn from it, and make a public apology like poor old Paul had too.

10 Jul 08 at 13:03

ah well, stuff happens

11 Jul 08 at 03:18

JUST LIKE PAUL COLLINGWOOD - Astro Boy UK Collingwood should have been booed off by his own fans. In fact he shouldn't be allowed to play again, such a bad sport. Can't beleive the game got called off, are the administrators MAD. Didn't anything go ahead? No practice match, nothing? Were the bars kept open?

11 Jul 08 at 14:20

No practice match or Demonstration game was played, as both Clubs agreed it was 'not worth risking the players for a demonstration game'.... Which to be fair, does seem a reasonable position to take, but on the other hand, makes the players sound like delicate little flowers that can only be brought out on sunny days.

If playing a casual game of cricket is so dangerous I wonder how much they thought about the 9000 specators who must have, by comparison, taken incredible risks just to get to the ground to watch them. I imagine some of them even walked or drove there!