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08 Jul 08 at 09:51
PitchVision- Mobile Edition

PV- Mobile – What is it? How do we explain? Its like your own personal Hawkeye system on your mobile phone......you own personal automatic data collector...

Basically is a bit of software you download to your Mobile phone (just like you would download a ringtone). You enter your details (right arm bowler, left arm bat etc), and then using the phone’s bluetooth function connect to any PitchVision sensors – and then just play as normal.

You get instant feedback on your mobile phone screen immediately after each ball (Line, length, pace, devation, bounce – and even the batsman’s score against a virtual field setting) + at the end of the session you can review all your batting and bowling. There’s graphs and charts and pitch-maps to show you exactly what you did.

What else does it do?
Where can you get it?
Got any ideas for new features?

Post your questions and suggestions here and we’ll give you all the info..... cheers!


04 Aug 08 at 09:43

how do you buy oner of these?

11 Aug 08 at 15:07

Hi Tyron,

Thanks for getting in contact, please email me and i can send you some more information on the price. I need to know exactly how you will use Pitchvision i.e a full system, or just bowling to be able to give you a realistic quote?

Look forward to hearing from you.


Neil Fairbairn

email - neil.fairbairn@misport.com
tel - +447813649054

16 Feb 10 at 23:32

I've just downloaded the mobile installer and have tried to install it on my Nokia N95 but get a message saying that the installer is incompatible with my phone. Which Nokia phones does it support?

Kevin Keys

18 Feb 10 at 14:43

Hi Kevin, we have your details and will be in touch.

15 Jun 11 at 15:03

where can we get this software?