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11 Jul 08 at 03:29
Selection Dilemma

We have all been faced with the prospect of being dropped but as a Captain how do we tell one of you rplayers it is time to go? And how do we choose between the performer going through a bad patch or the young player coming up?

I have been on both ends during my playing days and both are tough.


13 Jul 08 at 22:27

The captain deserves 3-4 more chances to keep his spot than the average player; but unless he is some kind of uber-captain extraordinare (Brearly?) then at some point he has to be dropped. Drop him!!

14 Jul 08 at 09:06

if the captain is not making any runs and the team is winning, he deserves to keep his spot to find form. if the team is liosing however, then fresh blood and possibly captaincy may be required.

15 Jul 08 at 09:16

I agree with Holc -- first question: Is the team winning? No need to drop a wining captain- least not unless the form is turly dire and theres a ready-made replacement.

Having said that; theres a few captains in club/local cricket who never get dropped because of their position in the Club, rather than their performance on the ground. Smiling

16 Jul 08 at 20:41

Often captains at smaller clubs do a lot more of the field which justifies there position. For example some clubs cant function without certain individuals doing extra work.

17 Jul 08 at 07:59

Two of the best captain's I played under were essentially non playing captains only in the team for their man-management and tactical skill. The both batted down the order and never bowled as they were past their prime physically but at their peak mentally. They were also the two most successful captains I ever played with.