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11 Jul 08 at 03:34
The most famous player you have played with or against

Just a bit of fun everyone, the most famous player I have played with or against would have to be Simon Katich - ripped us apart in a rep game and you could see he was detsined for the big time.


11 Jul 08 at 04:05

Best bowler to have played against - Brett Lee. I reckon he was faster at age 15 than he is now. Played him a few times in underage rep games but only had to face a total of say 40 balls in total. Would do anything to get off strike, ie. call one on a ball left to the keeper (who was half of the way back to the fence) and turn easy twos into a one. Also faced a young Dizzy Gillespie who was pretty good.

Best batsman - Ricky Ponting. Played him in U19s ACT vs Tasmania when I was 16, he was about 60 not out off 40 odd balls at the close of play day one but fortunately flew off overnight for a Sheffiled Shield game and we didn't have to see him again.

11 Jul 08 at 07:30

Good start to this post - I faced Dizzy once at a Skins Promo and he was only off 5 steps. Still washing the under garments to this day. The 10 coffees I had for .80 each only got me through the first few balls. The other competition winner faced Brett Lee and this was only last year - lots of bruises but the BBQ after and the apologies from these superstars made up for it.

12 Jul 08 at 11:56

Can't say I've played with or against as bigger stars as that but i have played against Justin Vaughan (ex NZ and i think current CEO NZ cricket) last year, and a couple of years ago i played with Gary Stead (ex NZ) just in a 'fun' pre season warm up game where our clubs 1st, 2nds and 3rds got all mushed up and played a game. On a side note, my uncle is Peter Coman (ex NZ) who faced NZ's 1st ball in ODI's and scored the 1st run.

14 Jul 08 at 09:09

Was he involved in the underarm incident - surely he has some stories to tell. I haven't played against or with anyone of note although I watched a game in Sydney one day with Bracken, Katich, Chee Quee (NSW player) and a number of others and both teams got rolled for under 60 in both innings. In fact the entire game scheduled for 2 days didn't last much longer that tea. Bracken was moving the ball sideways.

14 Jul 08 at 14:44

Faced Malinga first ball for county, got hit above my heart at 91 mph
took some guts to get the 123 afterwards

14 Jul 08 at 17:13

which county were you playing for ??

15 Jul 08 at 09:06

Played a friendly with my boyhood hero Derek Randall (England 77-84) in 2005... man! he could still run between wickets. We put on 74 together... of which I made about 10!

15 Jul 08 at 12:28

I played with Don bradman once. that's right, the greatest cricketer of all time. We were passing through Bowral and found his house and i rung the doorbell and then drove off. Holc 1, Bradman 0.

15 Jul 08 at 16:44

Don Bradman here...
that Holc is a liar. It was a draw.

16 Jul 08 at 20:39

once played with chris martin of coldplay hes a keen cricketer the drummer also played not sure of his name. Good lads then the Sun newspaper turned up and they ran for cover !!!!!! (No not the fielding position )

17 Jul 08 at 10:00

In 1979 I caddied for Graham Gooch, when he played golf when a game got washed out. He played a fine round.

18 Jul 08 at 18:19

I played in Vikrams Solanki's benefit game september last year, he couldnt make it as he had just been called up to the ODI squad, but played with Gareth Batty, Kabir Ali, Nadeem Malik, Roger Silence to name a few, and also played in Ashley Giles', Dougie Browns and Alan Donalds benefit days, but don;t remember many of the players at them!

06 Jan 12 at 17:24

Black Caps Dean Brownlee and Hamish Bennet both play for my club Riccarton. We don't see them that much as they often have rep. duties and Hamish has had a rough time with injury lately.

26 Jan 12 at 15:48

Played with Tatenda Taibu before he made his test debut, and Daryl Mitchell before he debuted for Worcestershire.

Played against Andre Russell in 2010 and Dinusha Fernando in 2011.

27 Jan 12 at 15:56

I have played against Maurice Chambers and Mervyn Westfield. Westfield was playing for Leyton County at the time and took us for 140odd when he was coming back from a back injury. Him going down for spot fixing felt like karma for making us chase serious leather that day

05 Feb 12 at 00:40

I played with John Harmer (coach of Aust and English womens test teams), Bob Parry (director of umpiring in Victoria) and Malcolm Speed (head of ICC) at Doncaster in Melbourne. Also coached Peter Roach and Shawn Craig in their junior years.

07 Nov 12 at 17:59