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15 Jul 08 at 10:41
The new facts of club cricket in a Twenty20 world

Twenty20 is a form of cricket where it is very possible to learn so much from watching the professionals. It is still a relatively new form of the game so the top teams and players are continually revising games plans and tactics and trying out new approaches.

For example, take this year’s performance of the Middlesex Crusaders. In previous years they have been very much also-rans. But this year that have proved themselves to be the team to beat. Okay, it helps to have the “three Ms” (Morgan, Malan and Murtagh), but they have brought new tactics to the game, none more striking than bowling their bowlers in single over stints, which of course gives opposing batsmen hardly any time to settle. This was never more evident in the recent victory over the Surrey Brown Caps (who have gone from “Mister Twenty20” to “Missed the Twenty20” in a very short time) at Lords.

The afore mentioned bowling strategy together with subtle attacking fields (underlining the fact that you do not necessarily needs slips to attack) strangled the life out of Surrey (who would have thought you would ever see James Benning carrying his bat for just 50?).