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24 Jul 08 at 05:59
Shaun Tait is back in the Aussie Squad

The Aussies have named Shaun Tait in the Aussie squad again after his short time off. Is he ready and what impact will he make on his return?


25 Jul 08 at 07:54

Well he is a genuine quick allbeit with a vey uncomfortable action,so he should be welcomed back for Oz,depending on how hard he worked to come back and whether in a years time he is not gonna break down again"because the pressure is too much".So bring on whatever you have got Oz ,the Saffas are ready for you all.!!!!

30 Jul 08 at 09:16

Those Saffas will be a handful - especially if they bat and bat and bat and bat. If Tait is fit and ready he will scare half of them with his inaccuracy - hard to beleive but he must be frightening to face.

30 Jul 08 at 10:24

Tait has got that raw streak every fast bowler needs. I think hes definately going to have a period of his career where he will pick up consistency as the action and approach to the crease is waht makes every bowler Lee, Ambrose, Mcgrath they were all so standard and kept doing the same thing very very well this is what Tait needs to develop he bowls different balls every over, every game, every series and to be prolific some thing has to give !!!

07 Aug 08 at 09:31

Tait is a hack