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24 Jul 08 at 06:17
New Spinner

Has anyone seen footage of the new spinner from Sri Lanka? The word is he is amazing and will bowl better than Murali - probably a little less suspect as well.


25 Jul 08 at 07:27

I have heard about him but have yet to see him. He ripped through India in a game recently, maybe Asian Cup or something similar.

26 Aug 08 at 00:19

Ajantha Mendis ran rings around India......but from what I've seen.....the only way to play him is being aggressive and attacking him like Dhoni did yesterday and Sehwag did in the tests.

27 Aug 08 at 10:31

Ajanta Mendis is a non-conventional bowler,He grips the ball with fingers not on the seam.
So I guess some of his deliveries bounce and some doesnt and I suspect he himself is unaware of which ball will do what,so a batsman is in even more trouble reading him.

The best way I think to play him is to go after him and try and make him unsettled.

03 Sep 08 at 18:32

Whip how are you mate hows life in down town India !!