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25 Jul 08 at 04:31
Good Length Ball

Hello Guys,
I am medium pace bowler. Can someone tell me how far (range in feet) is the good length ball from batsman ?


25 Jul 08 at 07:22

Personally I think it depends on the batsman. You have probably seen Matt Hayden stand a few feet outside the crease, plus they are all different heights. I am not a bowler but the ones where you don't know whether to go forward or back are the corkers. As per Glenn McGrath just short of a length and bend the back. Any bowlers out there who can help? I know through PitchVisions program a good length is between 9m and 13m from the bowling crease - that should help a bit.

25 Jul 08 at 07:49

It also depends on your height,and the type of wicket you are playing on,I try to let it get to the batsmen (whichever length he is) about hip height.But on some wickets youl have to boel a long hop to get it that high.

But perfect scenario would be about that height.

25 Jul 08 at 08:28

Do you rely on swing or seam mostly JP? Or even both?

25 Jul 08 at 20:28

Thanks guys for the replies. To summarize, it seems that pitching the ball in such a way that after bounce it reaches the batsman hips is a nice rule of thumb. So in that case even if the batsman stands a bit in front of the crease then the bowler has to adjust the length accordingly.
Moreover for different heights of batsman the length varies. It seems that it will take a while to master this... Smiling

To answer you question, David, I rely on both swing and seam.

Thanks again everybody,

25 Jul 08 at 20:30

You said "As per Glenn McGrath just short of a length and bend the back." Can you please explain more clearly what do you mean by bend the back ? What effect does that create ?

26 Jul 08 at 09:18

The general area to aim for is 8-9ft in front of the popping crease, depending on the pace of the pitch. More often than not this is the best area and if in doubt go back to that length.

If you bowl swing this can be fuller to try and get an edge but the batters will drive more. Seam bowling can go back in length a little, especially with extra bounce in the wicket.

30 Jul 08 at 09:19

Bend your back means to give it all you have, really push down with your action on delivery and follow throuhg - just a figure of speech really more so than an actual technique.

15 Aug 08 at 11:52

One Length always works,BREAK THEIR TOES!!!!!!!!!!!!

28 Apr 09 at 08:51

If the pitch is slow with low bounce, it will be suicidal to bowl in such a way that the ball reaches the hip height of the batsman. The line also has to be immaculate for that length. You stray a bit to the leg side, you will be tucked through fine leg for four. Wide of the stumps, even a feet wide will be cut four four. In slow pitches, the ball sits up and the faster your bowl, the easier it is for the batsman. With a spinner, at the least the batsman will have to force the ball, but with a pace bowler, just timing will do.