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13 Aug 08 at 17:27
Do you want to be part of the miCricketCoach Select XI?

Ages ago when miCoach was Harrowdrive I ran a competiton for a Select XI here

The final XI was eventually here

Now I'm repoening the offer as the miCoach Select XI. It's just a bit of fun, but tell me, why would you be selected for the XI? What's your story?

Same as before.

You can be of any standard or age and play cricket anywhere in the world. Players who make the team get the right to claim they have been selected to play for the miCoach Select XI.

I doubt the team will ever get the chance to actually play together, but that's beside the point. The idea is to get selected.

While cricket skill is important, extra consideration will be given to great stories and great socialisers.

So fire away!


15 Aug 08 at 11:27

Right Arm Medium Fast Opening bowler
Right Hand Middle/Lower order Bat
I can keep aswell,I have been playing all my life and have learnt myself various skills.

As a bowler I have had it all,from getting out professional Aussies while playing in Scotland to being cut and top edged for six,I have pinned some batsmen on the head and in the ribs only to be convincingly pulled away the next ball.I can swing it both ways(thanx Gordon Drummond-Scottish International) The one thing that still eludes me though is a Hatrick.

As a batsmen ,depending on the team i play for I usualy bat 6/7/8/9.I used to be your all out nr11,my best score in school was 23,then one day i decided I can be better and we went to practise with a golf ball on a tennis court every day,how is that for sharpening your response time? It improved my batting alot ,I now have a few fifties behind my name ,Including a d*mn 97(I advanced and got stumped-DONT ASK?) ,and as you have guessed no 100 yet.I love clearing the cow corner boundry.

I broke my arm in nets a couple of years back ,and who wants to wait six to eight weeks to play again.So i got me some keeper apparrel and played wicket keeper with on arm in cast.I loved it and kept on doing it the whole season so my arm can recover completely.BUT YOU CANNOT TAKE A FAST BOWLERS HEART AWAY FROM HIM, so the next season I was back to my opening spot.

So thats me in a nutshell.

Please pick me coach ,PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!

15 Aug 08 at 13:40

You are in the running Pieter.

19 Aug 08 at 11:40

Right arm medium fast opening bowler. Middle order batsman. My most redeeming feature is I hold both a British and Australian passport. Which means I have assests from both cultures, the style and class of the English and the grit and desire to win (mongral)of the Aussies (or more likely the frail batting of the English and the rude arogance of the Aussies!)

I am also a Level 2 Coach. Currently coaching in England but have previously coached in Melbourne Australia.

My best bowling figures are 15 overs 7 wickets for 30 runs. My best batting score is 76. However it is my fielding I am most proud of. I always set my self high standards in the field and have won my clubs fielder of the year (or golden glove as i like to call it) twice (aiming for a 3rd, and 2 years running this year).

Always happy to socialise and believe cricket is a great vehicle to do so. Sometimes the cricket gets in the way! Open minded in new ways and techniques to coach and train. Great believer in the power of the mind and its affect on performance.

Would love to be in the mi Coach Select XI and would even put it on my CV!

19 Aug 08 at 14:17

Now that's an impressive application.

26 Aug 08 at 00:39

-Right Arm Medium Fast Bowler
- Lower order batsman

This is the story of the dreamer who aspires to make it big. Kevin Sampath, born in India in 1989 who then lived in the Middle East growing up watching greats playing in the Sharjah Cricket Ground. Inspired by Brett Lee, he moved to Australia and set himself the ambition to be feared like Lee was/is feared. Kevin now opens or comes in first or second change on swinging pitches due to his ability to swing and cut the ball into the right hander (Ishant Sharma like maybe)!He bats at about 6,7 or 8 and can stay in and work with the tail (Michael Bevan like u might say) or come in and hit a few big ones. The 6 ft 3 versatile bowling all-rounder fields at either Cover or Mid-wicket. He beleives he would be a valuable addition to the team as he would bring his aggressive mentality that comes with his age and determination to succeed. He also beleives he would gain from learning and improving from fellow senior players (Slass and

PS- Boredom at work has led to my attempts at journalism and story telling. Please forgive haha.

26 Aug 08 at 08:45

I was born and brought up in a sports crazy state(Chhatisgarh) of India.
Being good at studies I started practicing and playing with cricket ball late at the age of 15.I used to bat only then.Later as I grew taller(6'1"now)I have started to bowl medium pace .In my graduation days I was the vice-captain of my college and played upto University level.My good batting scores then were 95,54,53 and few more fiftees.

Presently I work in a software firm in Chennai and very recently I played corporate tournament here where my scores were 66*,93,86*,54,38 and 13 runs.
I balled only in one of the matches and took a wicket giving runs at around 5 runs an over.
There are few more matches to come.So coach, I will keep you updated on my scores.Hope to score a century this time.

27 Aug 08 at 09:14

Keep them coming chaps...

01 Oct 08 at 09:19

Right arm fast medium bowler;
Right handed [lower middle order] batsman.

I live in New Delhi. I'm a part of my academy's U-13 cricket team(although I'm only 11) and I'm the main strike bowler of the team. Our team has been the champions in the NCR(national capital region) for the past 3 years, and in the past 4 years, we've won 5 tournaments.
We play T20's and my best bowling figures are-
Overs: 2.3
Maidens: 1
Wickets: 5
Runs conceded: 4

My highest score is 33*.

I'm very determined to play for the Indian Cricket team someday.

07 Dec 08 at 11:40

when are you going to publish the final team ??

07 Dec 08 at 12:34

It's still open to new members!

19 Dec 08 at 10:48

All Rounder
Right Handed Batsman
Right Arm Medium Pace

Play ECB South Wales Premier League cricket for Newport Cricket Club.
Also Played Minor Counties cricket for Herefordshire and Wiltshire.
Have had trials with Worcestershire CCC 2004 and also represented England Univerisities South May 2005 against the Royal Navy.

Highest Score - 120 not out
Best Bowling Figures - 12.4-2-31-6

Also got 46 half centuries.
Scored 3 100's
Taken 4 hat tricks.

13 Jan 09 at 03:58

Right arm medium fast bowler best figures 3-8 of 6 overs with 3 maidens

Middle-lower order batter top score of 41

currently play junior district cricket in Australia

i've been playing cricket since i was 6 and im now 13 and i was in a runner up team last year

13 Jan 09 at 18:33

Well i am orginally from India but currently play circket in Helsinki (Finland). I play for the Helsinki Cricket Club

I am 16 years old and a right arm medium pace main weapon is to take the ball away from the right hander..bowling outswing seems natural to me..i have tried to get inswing going but it never works...

As far as batting is concerned i usually bat in the middle order for my favorite shots are the straight drive and the cut shot. I start slowly but gradually increase my strike rate.

18 Jan 09 at 04:28

Im from India and im 15 yrs old a the moment. I am a Right arm Medium Fast bowler. I can bowl around 120-125 kph wich is relly good for my age i guess.
Me and Vish111 used to play together in Beijing and we are both AWesome Crickt players. most ppl had difficultie playing my pace but he didnt. And yes i can bat well as well. I used to live in ZImbabwe b4 cumn to beijng. I was my skuls capt. I was opener in sum matches and no.3 or 4 in others. my preffed position is no.3 or 4.
And i open thhe bowling as well.
In my club in Beijing (Beijing cricket club) i come 5 down since i open the bowling.
My highest score in a 20 over cricket match is 73. ive got a few half centuries. I would love to play a proper 50 over cricket game and score a 100 wich im capable to do. I can stick in the crease if i want or i can blast and score runs quickly.
By the way im 6 feet tall and ill be growing taller. Dis is good for my Fast bowling and i dont think it affects my batting too much.
My strike rate is around 80- 120 in 35 over matches. i can be a lil slow in the begining and den i start blasting.

18 Jan 09 at 04:31

I usually beat the batsmen with my pace. Thats my Fav way to get wickets. I like to trouble the batsmen first by bowling a few short balls or a bouncer and den Boom inswinging yorker.

18 Jan 09 at 07:39

one more thing...Waruna has a great slower ball Eye-wink

19 Jan 09 at 02:06

hehe yea, i 4got bout that

19 Jan 09 at 02:12

If u want a Fast Bowler who can also bat really well then pick me. By the way when are u going to announce the Team Admin?

21 May 10 at 06:37

I am a 12 year old fast bowler who can bat 8 or 9.
I have been playing cricket since I was 3 and started playing competitivley when I was 7 for a school U9 team.
My best bowling figure are 8 for 17 off 4.2 overs
I would love to be in the team.

04 Jun 10 at 02:13

right handed opening bat, part time medium, swing bowler.. specialist gully, point fielder and a qualified personal trainer and sports conditioning trainer. great technique and no fear attitude willing 2 take on the quickest with the coolest head

04 Jun 10 at 02:22

il b ur variation bowler nt that i expect to bowl much being around the same height as sachin bt i have 3 slower balls. i go 4 evrything with evrything in the field take it jst as seriously as i do my batting. typical aussie attitude

04 Jun 10 at 02:29

Patient and calculated and never lose my cool. coupled with my al round high fitness levels, speed, strength, endurance, etc. will be one of the loudest in the field al day. non stop concentration and always, always, ALWAYS having fun playing and training

04 Jun 10 at 17:45

oh and im from cape town and 21years old