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15 Aug 08 at 12:09
Most Memorable Match Played

What is your most memorable match.

Mine is actually an Indoor game!!
It was on tour at our Provincial Indoor tournament,We were realy focussed. It was awesome ,a few hundred people watching,every single player knew what had to be every wicket in the huddle you could just see the determination on every players face.100% focussed.It was like no other feeling I have ever had.

We lost by 4 runs defending 92 ,but up untill the last ball we all gave our absolute best.It was a great moment.

So whats yours


09 Dec 08 at 14:49

I have 3 of them-
-One was played 3 years ago, on 6 september. I don't remember the scores exactly but I exactly remember my HAT TRICK;What a great feeling that was!
The first ball bas an inswinger outside off stump; the batman played it on to his stumps.
The second was a off-cutter, pithing full just on the off stump line; the batsman got an Inside edge onto his pads an the ball lobbed it the air for an easy catch for short cover.
The third ball was a beauty, It first swung out and pitched on a good length outside off stump, then hit the seam and moved back in; Batsman trapped plum LBW.
-The other was an year ago, a T20 match on a bowling pitch. we were batting first and we put up a not so good score of 89. I opened the bowling and took 4 wickets in my 3 over 1st spell. The match was tied and we had a bowl out. I hit the
stumps on the last bowl out to win the match for my team (1-0). I was also declared the man of the match.
-The third was another T20 match in witch a state level player was also playing with us. When I got to bowl against him I was Initially a bit anxious. But I bowled 2 absolutely unplayable deliveries to him, and although I did not get him out, I
managed to get in a maiden.
The first ball pitched on a good leg on the on middle stump and swung out late, just missing the top of the off stump
The second ball Pitched on a good length outside off stump and swung A LOT! It sung in and beat his defenses, but it did slightly too much, MISSING LEG STUMP!

22 Oct 09 at 21:05

When i was 17 and bowling fairly sharp i collected figues of 8/14 off ten over including a hattrick. It felt amazing but i was embarrassed when even the opposition team clapped me off the field.

06 Nov 09 at 14:29

umm, well looking at the stats you would probably see it as pretty average but I ahve 2 that stood out for me.

1st: in junior, we were playing the best team in the comp and we were far from that status, me and my mate went in at 4 and 5 with the score at 3-20. there was a fair bit of pressure as their bowlers were quite well known for being very hard to face but we thought to ourselves....what the hell. i faced a few to get my eye in and my mate started hitting from the start so i thought i'd try and keep up. 4 after 4 would come and they were getting quite aggetated with us as nothing they did had any effect on us, if we almost got out it was as though it never happened and we kept going. there main bowler bowled 2 short deliveries at me aiming at my body to put me off, the first one just cleared the boundary for 6 and the next landed in the carpark on the full. what made it better was the sledging that was goping on after i'd missed a few he said to me "your supposed to hit this little red thing". after I smahed him for the second 6 I replied "seeing as you know what it looks like, you go get it then!" times
2nd: was more of a grit and determination thing for me, it was my first game of mens as a 14 year old and i was batting at number 4. My team sent me in because the usual batsmen wasnt ready so they chucked me in not expexting anything. the pitch was a shocker, it was crumbling and short pitched deliveries would get ya in the ankles. i went in on the 2nd ball of the 5th over and my first one somehow hit me on the back ofthe calf, as it was the opener still bowling it bloody hurt, my second ball then hit me on my inner thigh and yes it bloody hurt. my partner at the other end didnt have much to say and as a senior player wasnt sure why i was even there, the next 3 balls i hit for consecutive 4s and i was away, unfortunately after i'd lost all of my partners in the 39th over and the next best score to my 49 n.o was only 10 we lost quite considerably. I also picked up 3-11 off 6 overs with my bowling so overall it was quite a good day for me.