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14 Oct 08 at 11:06
Questions about the new miCoach Cricket Fitness Plan

Please post your questions about the new miCoach Cricket Fitness Plan here. I'll answer them in this thread.


27 Oct 08 at 03:37

Hi there,
I am a little confused looking at this plan, could you provide some added info on the plan ie a key to help me decipher this spreadsheet. Also I am a 19 year old bowling all rounder, do you think there are any parts of this plan that are more vital for bowlers and vice versa?


Chris Smith

27 Oct 08 at 12:32

Chris, welcome, hopefully I can help!The sheet is designed for all skill sets to follow. If I was doing a highly specific plan there may be a few small changes to exercises and workouts but the general timings would stay the same.What is it you don't understand about the sheet specifically?

01 Feb 11 at 14:13

Given that I'm too busy in the offseason with running nets/preparing the pitch/playing football/playing golf to have time to join a gym, what strength and fitness exercises would you recommend that only require body weight and a couple of dumbbells?

01 Feb 11 at 15:49

AB, given that you are a good bloke I wait rail you too hard for that blatant excuse. Don't have time? Are you a junior doctor? I call BS. Everyone has time.

But let's pretend you don't have time.Look here for some tips:

01 Feb 11 at 16:53

Thanks, the plan looks useful. Honestly, I'm ridiculously busy! I have a full time job, am studying for an online degree, run three net sessions a week, play two other sports and have a girlfriend in another city to visit. and this is just the offseason!

16 Dec 12 at 16:26

Hello There!

I am a Teacher/Coach in the West Indies (Barbados) looking for an edge to my program with a fitness plan and came across your site in doing my research. I would be very interested in your version of this plan for us here in the West Indies.

Our Cricket season is as follows:
Under 13 - November through December
Under 15 - June through August
Under 19 - April ; June - July
2nd Division & Intermediate - May through November

I look forward to your response.
Kind Regards
Mr B C Armstrong
The Lester Vaughan School

18 Dec 12 at 13:37

Brian, that's the update I needed. I will make some adjustments to the plan and update it. Stay tuned.

08 Mar 13 at 11:03

hi i live in Canada so this plan is little bit different than uk.Because Our Season usually starts May.thank you.

09 Mar 13 at 13:06

Hi Guys !

Just wondering whether you had made any progress with the amendment to the miCoach Cricket Fitness Plan for the West Indian cricket calendar - if so could you forward me the direct link as I've not been able to locate it on your website.

Brian Armstrong

22 Mar 13 at 14:22

The sheet has been updated, to take a look for additional information.

milirashi - you don't really need to change much if you start your season a bit later. Possibly extend the strength portion by 2 weeks.

22 Jan 14 at 15:26

Sir how to design speed training program what elements i use ?