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14 Oct 08 at 15:25
Ideal cricket balls for practice

Hi, my name is Dave and i am new to this forum. I need help in knowing ideal cricket ball for practice and especially for indoor during winter.

We plan to use regular leather ball in the batting nets and also want to look at couple of innovative options.

We want to develop technique against moving ball and low bounce ball or some what softer balls to develop batting technique. I am searching over the web and found various types or brands like incrediball/ SG everlast /GM Swingking etc can anybody post their comments if they have used them about how good they are?

Thanks in advance.


15 Oct 08 at 11:07

I can say the incrediball is good for indoor fielding practice but not right at all for adult net practice. It's too light.I would also consider half coloured balls for indoor, they are long lasting and easier to pickup in indoor lighting.I can't say I have used the other brands you mention. Exactly what is your aim with the practice?

15 Oct 08 at 15:14

David, thanks for your reply. Main goal is to improve batting skills which is our weakness. We have some new members joining the club who are young and wanted to test their skill with leather ball cricket. We are looking at cricket balls which will make them comfortable to begin with and at the same time develop skills required for the actual game. Gradually they will be practicing with match balls. Obviously moving ball is a concern for everyone and not sure how much it will swing in indoor nets, so want to try ball specifically designed for this.

I saw some practice balls which are same weight and feel as leather ball but not as hard. But we never used them before, so looking at some help in deciding before purchasing.

I have come across these balls in the internet searches and i want to know if anybody used them and how they are. Can you point to some specific coloured balls that you know of?

Gray Nicolls Wobbleball Cricket Ball
Gray Nicolls Cricket Ball Academy 5 1/2 Oz Plastic Ball
Slazenger Air Ball
GM SwingKing Cricket ball
CW Dynamic Soft Poly Ball
Gray-Nicolls Googly Poly Cricket Ball
SG Prosoft Cricket Ball
SG Everlast Poly Cricket Ball


15 Oct 08 at 16:31

I can only speak from my own experience. Perhaps others will do the same.For players learning skills I use tennis balls and incrediballs but not for net sessions, only for skill development/group coaching/121 coachingOnce in the nets we exclusively use half white-half red real cricket balls. These can be bought from the ECBCA if you are in the UK. These are easier to see and do swing when new, although they get beaten up pretty quickly.I personally would not want to net with anything that is not a real cricket ball unless there is an obvious benefit to using a plastic ball that I am not thinking of.

23 Oct 08 at 14:58

I would say that stick to cricket balls for nets, you may well replicate bounce with different balls but the pace will differ and also using a ball that isn't the same weight will create more problems for bowlers. The coaching balls (red/white - red/yellow) are really for bowlers seam position etc. they can ceate problems for the batsman when using indoor nets due to artificial light.

The best way to create consistant swing would be to use a bowling machine if you have access to one.

If you want to create swing in drills try incrediball swing thing, they need to be quite a fast feed from a reasonable distance.

Variable bounce, turning the batting mat over you can create different bounces with this, depends on what the surface is and if whoever owns the facility is okay with it.

If it is for drills then stick to tennis balls, readers all play (weighted tennis balls), incrediballs and kwik cricket type balls. The different balls give you better options of bounce for different shots.

Hope this Helps

22 Jan 09 at 09:32

What ball do you guys train with? the cricket balls here in Melbourne cost anything from to . I am looking for cheap cricket balls to buy. Can anybody suggest a cheap yet average quality cricket balls which I can buy?

Thanks in advance

22 Jan 09 at 17:14 india the good cricket balls cost only $ 2 ....

15 Jul 09 at 15:41

i am looking to buy used cricket balls for practice.Does anyone know where they can be brought.

15 Jul 09 at 16:37

You can buy quite cheap practice balls from the ECBCA (assuming you are a coach in the UK). They are new but practice balls don't stay new for long.

28 Jan 10 at 13:33

as an level cricket coach this side is vrry usefull for my sels, in future im like continue my carrier as advance level how can this side will help me best regards jkumar

28 Jan 10 at 15:53

Glad to be of help.

23 Nov 11 at 07:00

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