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17 Oct 08 at 07:38
How do you set your field?

If you are a bowler I'm dying to find out what field you set for my new complete guide to setting the field and field settings.

I have quite a few fields already 'on file' which I will be publishing over the coming weeks, but the chances are I don't have your field. So post it here and let the world know.

I need:

  • Your name and location (ie. I'm David in the UK)
  • What you bowl (ie. right arm fast medium outswing)
  • What your field is
  • What format of cricket the field is set in (Twenty20, limited over, declaration etc.)
  • What situation you would have this field

Don't be shy, I need your input!


27 Oct 08 at 04:00

how about an inswing pace bowler bowling back of a length, coming on first change in the 50 over format?

28 Oct 08 at 13:46

I'll do that Chris, is that what you bowl?

28 Oct 08 at 13:54

Yes it is. My stock ball is the inswinger but I'm working on a cross-seam slower ball and also a straight one as my variations. I am attempting to perfect the knuckle ball also.

28 Oct 08 at 14:10

What kind of pitches do you play on?

28 Oct 08 at 14:26

Slow and low usually with the odd bouncy track, front foot wickets really. The wickets have a good covering of grass aswell, often offering a bit of seam movement.

28 Oct 08 at 16:13

I'm a slow-medium line and length bowler, basically try to stay on off stump as much as possible. My starting field is mid-on, deep forward-midwicket, short midwicket, square leg, fine leg, third man, forward-point, extra-cover, long-off.

Long-off stops the straight drives and deters the batsman from going over the top. Deep forward midwicket is there in case the ball is too short and hoiked. Most of my wickets are clean-bowled, but some catches from the short players in front of the wicket (mid-on, extra cover, short midwicket and sometimes c+b). Square leg doesn't do much, maybe I should have him at slip or gully?

12 Nov 08 at 13:34

A slip could work if the ball will carry. So could short extra for the mistimed drive. Good feild though Ed, I'll make sure it goes in.

12 Nov 08 at 14:44

Edladd - I'm a similar bowling - slow-medium line and length- though with pretty good outswing. I set a very similar field too and get most of my wickets caught extra cover on mistimed drives. - or caught behind by the keeper.

I do three things that might be relevant (?)

1. Line and length is the key our bowling - most particularly we have to keep to off/just outside off: I we dont, we are medium pace fodder! (do you agree?) So rather than do without your Square Leg (which is asupport to mid wicket and stops the batsman milking you for 1s) - do away with the fine leg. The logic is, that if you bowl leg/outside leg your whole strategy is stuffed anyway; you're not aiming to bowl there, and if you have even moderate control, very little will go there. You also have no pace for the batsman to use so he cant just flick you down leg and use the pace of the ball - he actually has to hit you there. To do that the ball would also have to be short. If a medium paces bowls short outside leg, the fine leg is not going to do much anyway. So, 1. No fine leg.

2. If he doesnt already, get the keeper to stand back to you. Most keepers would probably have no trouble stnading up to us- but in grade cricket they are less likely to be able to take the fine edge catch when standing up. I often have to insist to my keeper for him to stand back to me so that the edges are more lkely to get taken. Im not looking for stumpings.

3. The third thing I do is push the extra cover just very slightly deep - just 10 yards for the attempted off drive that gets skied but is mistimed due to a change in pace or by outswing.

Does that make sense?

13 Nov 08 at 06:06

fast medium, inswing , coming first change, T20 format. could you cover that?

13 Nov 08 at 10:44

Sure, what field do you have dhruv?Great tips DBD!

14 Nov 08 at 09:48

I generally set this field -
1st slip, third man, deep fine leg, square leg, mid-wicket, straight mid-off, Long on, cover, short extra cover.

14 Nov 08 at 10:42

I see, and what is your thinking behind that?

14 Nov 08 at 14:49

there are matting wickets, good for bowlers.

20 Dec 08 at 18:15

I bowl legspin and i spin the ball hard, so it turns alot. This i found is a great wicket-taking field, which got me a hattrick last year. It goes
3)fine leg
4)mid on
5)deep mid off
6)shot extra cover
7)forward point
10&11)bat-pad on each side

batsmen see the massive gap on the legside especially through midwicket. i bowl around the wicket at middle stump spinning it past off stump. Wih the angle i can keep the seam up as a variation and sometiems get bowleds and lbws. The batsman often swing across the line and get caught off leading edges too. It puts batsmen under lots of pressure. However, if the bowling is not deciplined, the whole thing colapses and lots of runs are concided. It puts alot of pressure on the bowler, but if it comes off it can have spectacular results.

21 Dec 08 at 07:50

Do you toss the ball up Ben?

Also, is the fine leg stopping the single or on the boundary?


21 Dec 08 at 13:10

Yeah i try to really flight the ball. Fine leg is normal on the boundary but if the batsman tries to sweep into the gap, the fine leg can get brought up to 45 to get catch to top edges.

26 Feb 10 at 08:09

I'm Salman in Pakistan

Right arm Medium Leg-cutter

My fields are
1) Wicket-keeper
2) slip
3) fly slip
4) short extra-cover
5) deep cover
6) deep backward point
7) mid on
Cool mid off
9) long off
10)deep mid wicket

I set this field in Twenty20
What situation you would have this field

26 Jul 13 at 12:05


I bowl outswing against left handers (and inswing against right handers). I generally bowl from over the wicket and the ball ends up going past them at about a 2nd off stump. I usually set three slips and a gully for any edges I get, long off, extra cover and point to save some runs and then I use this variation where I bowl a ball that's a bit more leg side, a bit shorter and they often pull it straight into the hands of one of the other two fielders I have, a short leg and a short mid wicket.

27 Jul 13 at 07:46

Wow, 6 close men and someone on the long off boundary, that is unique!

08 Oct 13 at 21:23

1 mid on
2 mid off
3 extra cover
4 point
5 deep fine leg
6 midwicket
7 1st slip
8 2nd slip
9 gully

Right arm medium fast with some movement off the seam. I usually have this field during a timed match when I have the new ball.

27 Dec 15 at 11:15

what field do i set for off spin in longer formats where the ball is turning??