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28 Oct 08 at 14:18

Hi everyone this is my first post.

I was asked by Dave to repost a question I emailed him following his email on cricket sunglasses. I asked whether there were any cheaper alternative sunglasses to those of Oakley. I then asked whether sunglasses made by specialist cricket companies would be almost as decent as Oakley ones. What are your thoughts on this?


29 Oct 08 at 10:38

It's a good question.

Oakley do the best but you pay a lot for the benefits.

Cheap glasses do protect your eyes from UV light but some people find they upset their perception of the ball (ie. it seems further away than it really is). Others don't find that an issue, so it's very personal.

I would love to get the view of others here, good or bad!

22 May 10 at 00:42

not that its of any value to anybody but i bought a cheap pair of yellow lense at a hardware store for what wud be less than 9pound and it works great for low light n paid 20pound 4 uv400 protectors i got at a eyes r super relaxed inda sun nw

29 Oct 11 at 02:27