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03 Nov 08 at 08:15

I assist with the coaching of an U8 team and it very evident that some boys can throw and others cannot. It is a skill which I am sure can be learned, but I cannot find anything specific to teaching a youngster to throw a ball correctly. I note that the Auussie team are using an ex-american baseball player in their coaching line-up, and I would not be surprised if it were for this very reason. I would be very interested to find out how to get the youngsters throwing accurately and with power. It would obviously stand them in good stead for the rest of their cricketing life, no matter what level they participate at. After all, we all have to be fielders!


03 Nov 08 at 13:02

Throwing is all about coordination when it comes to younger children.

At that age I would look to approach it in 2 ways.

  1. Improve the general ABCs (Agility, balance, coordination) of the players with fun games that involve balancing, running, jumping, throwing and catching that are not cricket specific. Make it fun and challenging but not so difficult they want to avoid the games.
  2. Work on a specific throwing progression. Go to this site and take a look at number 4. You can see a steady progression from wrist flick to full throw. Do the basics with them for a few sessions. You will see dramatic improvements.

Any questions, just ask.


04 Nov 08 at 06:47

Thanks David,
I have had a look at the coaching tips in the website and they are exactly what I have been after for all facets for the youngsters.

04 Nov 08 at 08:48

Great stuff Allen. Bear in mind at ages 6-8 attention span is so low that it's hard to coach a throwing progression with success. Whiz through it quickly, don't worry too much about error correction and just keep reinforcing it over a number of weeks.As their coordination improves, so will the throwing.

22 Jan 09 at 09:29

Hi David. I am interested in improving my throw. can you please post the link again (your 1st post in this forum). It does not work


22 Jan 09 at 22:42

That link looks like it has gone I'm afraid.

23 Jan 09 at 00:49

Hi guys I have a number of video drills among my articles showing ways to improve throweing technique. Check out

Hope that's helpful!

23 Jan 09 at 13:01

Thanks John, these are great. I intend looking deeper into the baseball series. Now if only I could get the U8s running between the wickets!!