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02 Dec 08 at 14:27
Dhruv's training log

Overview-I'm a 12 year old fast bowler. Here in INDIA we play cricket throughout the year. I'm currently training like in the pre-season as I have the trails of the MRF PACE ACADEMY coming up next month, and I'm also going to play a tournament from my clubs' U14 side next month.

CURRENT FITNESS GOAL: To have cricket specific speed-stregnth for upcoming matches & to improve bowling specific stamina.
CURRENT SKILL GOAL: To biomechanically improve my action and improve my pace & accuracy.

Here is my current weekly schedule (I train 2 hours daily, so often I have two different sessions each hour)*-

Monday :4:00-5:00pm:- speed training & core stability ; 5:00-6:00pm:-specific skill & target practice

speed training involoves-
-interval sprints,
-agility training,
-shuttle sprints
-bowling specific sprints.

core stability consists of-
-squat jumps
-balancing drills
-med. ball throws

In specific skill i focus on improve one particular aspect of my bowling such as run up, hang time etc.
In target practice I focus on bowling accurately and with pace on a set of stumps without worrying about technique.

Tuesday: 4:00-5:00pm:- polymetrics; 5:00 - 6:00pm:- target practice
Polymetric training involves-
-agility drills
-clap press ups
-polymeric chin ups
- squat jumps
-shuttle sprints
-bowling specific drills

Target practice- as above.

Wednesday: Rest Day. I usually sleep during the training hours(4-6pm)

Thursday & Friday:Skills coaching (academy nets)

Saturday 4:00-5:00pm:- mild body weight & aerobic exercise; 5:00-6:00pm :- active rest

-bodyweight bench presses
-balancing drills
-interval sprints

Sunday 7am-12pm practice match from my academy(structured like a professional match); 30 overs a side.

*Every day I start with a 10 min warm up consisting of a jog around the ground followed by a few dynamic stretches and a few sprints & end with a cool down involving jogging and some stretches.


03 Dec 08 at 11:13

CURRENT NUTRITION GOAL: to be fit & healthy for the upcoming cricket activities.

I am currently following the precision nutrition system.

03 Dec 08 at 11:37

Good luck at the Academy Dhruv. Looking forward to reading more of your log. Great start!

03 Dec 08 at 12:33

Thanks! I will keep updating frequently.
The academy selections are going to be really tough because I have to come in the top 3 all over india(in the Under 15 group) to be selected. Will try my best.

03 Dec 08 at 15:31

As Yoda said, there is no try. Do or not do.

03 Dec 08 at 16:01

yes. I WILL DO IT.

05 Dec 08 at 13:31

These are the sets and reps I do for each exercise -

Clap press ups - 3 sets 3 reps.(I cant do more than 3 yet!)
Chin-ups - 3 sets 4 reps.
Shuttle sprints - 10m X 10 reps. ; 2 sets
Interval sprints - 30m X 6 reps ; 4 sets
Push-ups - 2 sets 20 reps.

General update- I have modified my run up (in a similar way that shaaz did); I have also shortened it so that I just accelerate and bowl (no constant speed strides). This helps me be in control and I'm now bowling with greater pace and accuracy.

05 Dec 08 at 14:47

3 reps is a good start and you would be suprised how many people can't do 1 proper chin up or 10 proper press ups. Keep it up Dhruv!

06 Dec 08 at 08:28

Mental Training

I do 20 minutes of visualization daily.
I also use many self talk and imagery techniques during match situations.

08 Dec 08 at 13:04

This season (Dec-08 - Jan 09)
-Improve cricket specific speed - strength.
-Strengthen my shoulders and back to avoid injury and improve pace.
- Improve core stability

-Slightly 'open my front foot landing position.
-Increase the leavrage from my front arm.
-Increase hip and chest drive.
-Bracing my front knee and keeping the toes pointing towards the target.

- Get selected for the final round of the MRF pace academy (top 10)
- Take 15 wickets in the U14 tournament (in 5 matches)
- Get the best bowler award in the tournament.

Long term
-To play for the INDIAN CRICKET TEAM
-To be listed 1st in ICC's GREATEST EVER BOWLERS LIST.
-To make as many bowling world records as possible.

08 Dec 08 at 15:23

Update :
Now I can do 25 push-ups. So push ups is now 2 sets 25 reps.

15 Dec 08 at 16:12

Hi - This is father of Dhruv. It seems Dhruv has picked up lot of new terms. Does he really do all this?


16 Dec 08 at 13:29

yes I do!

16 Dec 08 at 13:59

Funny way for Dad to ask?

24 Dec 08 at 13:56

Update: I'm going for a vacation tomorrow. Will be back to training next week. any tips to keep fit during a vacation?

24 Dec 08 at 19:17

Train! Eye-wink

24 Dec 08 at 20:05

I think you should make sure you enjoy the vacation Dhruv but to make sure you don't lose out on your fitness too much you can do some bodyweight exercises in the morning or before you go to bed. You can do push ups, sit-ups, burpies etc

I have a good one for you to try. It's kind of like a mini-circuit. Basically you do push-ups followed by burpies, squat-jumps and sit ups. You do them in the following order of reps without resting 2-4-6-6-4-2 i.e. 2 push-ups, 2 burpies, 2 squat jumps (i.e. just bend your knees and jump), 2 sit-ups, then flip over and do 4 push-ups etc. Time yourself and make sure you rest for at least twice as long as it took you before you start again. You can do as many sets as you like but remember it's important to take a break too!

Other than that you can also help yourself by keeping an eye on what you eat (I repeat the point about being too hard on yourself).

Hope you have a good vacation.


28 Dec 08 at 13:01

The main top is dont worry too much about it. It's a holiday, so have a holiday. If you can do some running, swimming or general activity do it. Leave the structured stuff at home and have fun.

01 Jan 09 at 10:26

bad news: I'm down with high fever, I'm taking 2 antibiotics and I also have a viral infection. Looks like no more cricket for another week or two!

02 Jan 09 at 10:47

NIghtmare! Best wishes though. Focus on getting well.

09 Jan 09 at 14:24

I'm still slightly weak after my illnesses but I got a phone call today telling me that the selections are tomorrow!! I havent trained for 3 weeks and here is the person telling me on the last day about the selections! lucicley though when I went down today to practice (for the first time in 2009) I realized that my bowling skill luckily had not got rusty and after a few(loosing up deliveries) wides I was back bowling as I used to. phew. hopefully I will be able to pass succesfully the fitness tests etc. tom. as I'm still a bit weak. Still, I'll give it my best shot!

12 Jan 09 at 02:23

Dhruv - firstly it is great to see a young bloke willing to put so much work into achieving your goals! I am sure the work you are doing will be rewarded!

Just one thing that may improve your pace and accuracy is to devote a portion of your training time (say just before you do your intervals or shuttle runs) doing quite specific sprinting drills. This will make your running style more efficient and give you more control over your arms and legs in your delivery stride.

If you look through my articles (now on the pitchvision site) you will find video examples of the drills you might like to do. 20 minutes twice a week should produce visible improvements within a few weeks. Remember - even when you get tired, focus on your running form during any agility, speed or endurance work you do!
Good luck! Hope that's been helpful!
Keep working!

14 Jan 09 at 16:11

Thanks john! I have added a few specific sprinting drills to my workouts.

Update: I couldn't make it into the MRF pace academy. I guess I shouldn't have set my expectation so high, especially when I was weak after illness. still I got to see how it is done and I'll give it a real go in the years to come.

14 Jan 09 at 18:52

hey dhruv,

how was it though? would like to hear a bit more about the MRF pace academy..and how you applied for it and how was the experience etc.

I am also from India..so interested to know how it works...currently living in finland though.


15 Jan 09 at 14:37

Well, the selection was in delhi for me and the actual acadmey is in chennai, so I didint visit the acadmey. I applied through 'GATORADE PACERS 2009'. you can find more info on their website ww.gatorade.in

16 Jan 09 at 15:15

well this 'mini season' is about over now. I didn't make it to the MRF pace academy & I missed the 08/9 version of the teri U13 league (because of illness). Not much success!
So, I carting out a new plan for the next segment of the year. My Next tournament is (tentatively)in march. SO I'm starting preparation for that.

GOAL: Preparation for Upcoming cricket tournament

I will post my new training regimes next.

Tis new plan will be in affect by 20/1/09

P.S. I would like any suggestions of what kind of fitness training should I do in this segment.(I don't have access to any equipment)

16 Jan 09 at 23:54

Don't worry Dhruv it will come as long as you keep up the great effort you have been making. Don't know much about what would be good fitness training for you at your age, but maybe a good goal would be for you to learn a new delivery in time for your next tournament? Maybe a new slower ball? Or a cutter or something like that...

Good luck dude

20 Jan 09 at 10:43

thanks Naz.
I haven't got much Idea on what fitness training I should start and I haven't any suggestions regarding that as yet. So this week I'll continue my old routine. I will (hopefully) sketch out and start using my new training routine by next week.

23 Jan 09 at 01:46

There are a stack of great programming tips for fitness training in David's articles. Check them out - I am sure you an find some new and worthwhile exercises there.
Just using your bodyweight to strengthen you muscles is appropriate at your age so you don't need access to weights or a gym to develop strength.
As a bowler strength is important, but make sure your program is balanced! Combine 'Pushing" and 'Pulling' exercises and make stretching a major part of your weekly routine as well as doing appropriate stretches before and after each training session. I am happy to give a more detailed respons e if you'd like, but I think David is the expert in this area!
As a bowler you should always be working at a new delivery of some sort - just experimenting with grips and release points - finding out what works for you.
I am sure you will reach your objectives if you continue to put the effort into your training program each day.
Good luck!

25 Jan 09 at 13:07

New training plan:weekly training routine

-strength circuits
-spc. skill practice

-general running drills
-bowling practice

- strength training
-core stability exercises
- speed/power training

Thursday & Friday:
-skill training (Academy nets)

Rest day

-Practice match (30 overs)

I will post my fitness training next

25 Jan 09 at 13:20


I will do some flexibility work/ yoga every morning.
I will do strength training twice a week:
Strength circuits involving- push ups; pull ups; squats done in circuits.
Strength training involving- push ups(3 sets max reps.); pull ups (3 sets max reps); squats (3 sets 10 reps)

I will perform general running drills once a week which include:
-running technique
-interval running

I will do some core stability exercises once a week.

I will also do some speed/power exercises once a week( to keep up my speed and power) including:
-squat jumps
-shuttle sprints
-clap push ups

I will post my skill training & nutrition plans next

If anybody has any suggestions on any other fitness trainning I should be doing; please post it here.

25 Jan 09 at 13:25

I will practice 4 times a week; including:
Specific skill practice one a week.(focus on improving a specific skill)
Bowling(target) practice once a week.(focus on bowling at a target with pace and accuracy)
Net practice twice a week. (bowling at a batsman in the nets)

25 Jan 09 at 13:34

I'm currently following the precision nutrition system. I will soon post my daily diet plan.

25 Jan 09 at 13:38

Mental training:
I do 20 mins. of visualization twice a day.
I also use imagery and self talk techniques using matches.
I use the stop technique/positive affirmations to keep positive throughout the day.

07 Feb 09 at 13:17

I just started my new training plan and I got a major setback.
I fractured my right thumb.
Doctors says that it will be 3-4weeks before I can play cricket again. I donno how I'm going to get thru 3 weeks without playing cricket( i mean, i'm so obsessed with it)
however, I'm continuing all fitness work which doest involve my right hand so as to keep the rest of my body fit.
any tips for keeping fit with a injured right thumb(I've got a plaster right upto my elbow.

20 Feb 09 at 10:59

How are you coping so far?Maybe it's a good time to get on with some other things until you are back in action.

23 Feb 09 at 13:58

got my plaster split yesterday. I still wear it most of the day(as a splint, with a bandage over the plaster), but open it few times a day & do some exercises to prevent stiffness.
still 10 days more to wait before starting cricket again.

10 Mar 09 at 07:05

I'm back to playing cricket. I haven't lost much accuracy of pace in these days, and I'm bowling as well as ever. I'll be resuming my training plan from thursday.
I' really happy to be playing cricket again!

10 Mar 09 at 08:00

Sometimes a break is rejuvinating.

28 Mar 09 at 13:39

I played my first match of the year today.It was a T20 against another academy at a professional ground. We scored 116-5 in our 20 overs.1 opener from our team scored 80* and got the man of the match. They were 76 all out.
I took 1 wicket but all fast bowlers of our team had a hard time because the ball was swinging a lot uncontrollably(sometimes it swung from middle stump to a wide outside off!) But our captain Insisted that we bowl seam up and try to control the swing, so as to not waste the new ball. I got the hang of it in my 2nd over and took the wicket. I didn't bowl after that because I was reserved to bowl at the death but they got all out before that. Overall, a pretty satisfying experience.

28 Mar 09 at 13:44

sorry for that. I posted the last post. Lu is my friend and he'd come to my house and he used the computer but he forgot to logout so by mistake I posted from his account.

04 Apr 09 at 17:09

Hi Dhruv

since you are very young, I would recommend that you take to swimming as one great means to achieve cardiovascular fitness - you should aim to do 500 metres of swimming in say 20 min time - combining the same with squats and lots of stretching would be perfect for fitness

besides, at your age, the locomotor functions are developing and differentiating fast - swimming is the best way to ensure your body has an overall balanced toned growth!

do not do too much of weight training at this point of time - they would stunt your growth

Trust me - after a week of regular swimming, give a break of a day or two and then run in and bowl - you will feel absolutely light as air!

former Australian swing bowler Terry Alderman used to swim a mile a day for an entire year, when he was injured and could not play for Australia - that kept him fit even when he was not training conventionally

bowling with the new ball when it is swinging all over the place is a challenge - to get the hang of it, you should practice with a new ball and only then you would know what do do to control the swing without losing your effectiveness!

in fact, a serious bowling aspirant should practice with all kinds of balls, new, semi-new, semi-old, and old balls regularly so that you get a real feel of what to do with different balls - in a given match situation, you never know when you would be asked to bowl!

20 Apr 09 at 13:23

I had a match this sunday. It was a 25 over fixture straight after our practice match(which meant about 8 hours of continuous cricket.). It was a under 15 so I was playing with a lot older guys. We batted first and scored 188-9. I bowled the opening spell And I really enjoyed it. I ended up taking 2 wickets(bowled & lbw) and Almost always beat the batsman. I swung it in to the right hander from just outside off. I feel I was bowling almost as accurately as Glenn Mcgrath. I got the 'bowler of the match' award. I also took a brilliant catch at gully. The batsman cut the ball hard and I dived to my left, taking it 1 handed. In the end we thrashed the other team by 107 runs.
Ith was a very tiring experience since I had never played 8 hours, that to in 41C heat here. Infact I count train today cause I was still tired.
A great match overall!

27 Apr 09 at 13:13

Hi. I have a big change coming up next month- I am getting transfered to bangalore.
Let me start with some basic changes-
I am unlikely to play the teri cup as it usually takes place in june.

Bangalore is a great place for cricket overall. Academies there play all india and even foreign, age-group tournament. Just the kind of opportunity I was looking for!
These days my training plan is getting disrupted quite often as I'm frequently touring bangalore for school admissions etc.
I'm looking for admission in a good cricket school, besides joining a academy. Infact, I may get admission in the school where Rahul dravid & robin utthapa studied!
I will keep giving update as many things are decided.

27 Apr 09 at 13:34

Good luck dhruv

18 May 09 at 14:53

update(banglore) I have got admission in st. josephs school(r.dravids ex school). we will be shifting on 28th may.
I am currently trying to improve my action with Kinaesthetic chaining that david suggested as quickly as possible, because in bangalore the colony dosent have a playground, which means all the training I will be doing then will be at my school/cricket academy.

18 May 09 at 16:07

Congrats Dhruv, I hope the plan works for you.

25 May 09 at 14:46

I played a u12 match for my academy (the qualifiers for u12 district tournament) I could only play the 1st match, as im not moving to bangalore. the math wet fine for me as I took 2 wickets for 25 runs in my 4 overs. we scored 93 but they got there on the last ball. I hoped to win my farewell match but we just colnt stop the single on the last ball.
now I'm straying at my cousins house(for 2-3 days) as packing is going on at my house. I will be spending a further week at a hotel in bangalore before moving into our new home. I'm trying get out into parks and do some sort of training, but my training program is off for now.

04 Jun 09 at 14:38

I'm now in baglore and have started school. I have done no cricket practice for 2 weeks(because no cricket acadmeys start opration before next week) however I have been doing some fitness training (in the gym of my hotel)- pushups, pullups,running on treadmill etc.
I have a trial for the school under14 side next week, but the problem is that I suspect it would be tough to perform at my best without having practiced for 15 days. any tips on how to start at my best straight after a break from practice would be appreciated.

05 Jun 09 at 07:59

There are a few tips here but I'm not sure how helpful they will be in your current situation. Having confidence in yourself is important, try not to fret, just focus on doing what you know you can do.

13 Jun 09 at 06:11

I went for the selections yesterday and it went quite fine. My bowling was more or less OK, and amoungs all U14 bowelres trying out, I was easily the fastest and swing it the most. However, the coach says that they already have a team andonly if you perfom exeptionally well will you get to replace somebody in the team. The team will be anounced on tuesday, and I think if they do make changes, then I'll make it into the team.
Will give the update on tuesday...

16 Jun 09 at 12:19

Good news - I am shortlisted in the combined top 35 for U14 and U17 sides of my school team(basically in the top 17 of the U14 side).
We 35 will practice together for 2-3 weeks and then 2 (U14 and U17, 15 member) sides will be chosen for the tournaments.

We will be practicing everyday, monday to friday after school, and on weekends, in the morning. I have also joined a cricket academy, which I will go to on weekends, in the evening.
I will update about what exactly we are doing in these training sessions next week.
This training starts tomorrow.

16 Jun 09 at 12:20

And also, thanks David for those tips, they helped me perform well in the trials and got me selected!

17 Jun 09 at 07:40

I'm delighted it's all working for you Dhruv! Keep us up to date.

17 Jun 09 at 11:06

Hey, well done Dhruv! You've been working hard for this. Even if you werent make final team, jsut getting into the final 17 is a big compliment: especially for a young fast bowler; Fast bowlers dont really physically mature till their 20's- so you've still got a few years yet!

Good luck for the next 2 weeks: sounds very intense: lets us all know how you get on!

21 Jun 09 at 07:28

Hi Dhruv,Where in India do you live???

21 Jun 09 at 14:26

I think you should know that by reading my previous posts. I Just moved to Banglore.

21 Jun 09 at 19:56

Which part of Bangalore are you living in?

Have you been to the Karnataka Institute of cricket yet?

22 Jun 09 at 13:14

yes. Infact thats the academy I'm taking about that I visit on weekends.

22 Jun 09 at 14:03

My training is going well so far.

Here is my current training schedule:
Monday-Friday; 3:45- 5:30pm - school team nets
Saturday & Sunday; 6:30- 8:30am – school nets
Saturday & Sunday; 3:00- 6:00pm – Academy nets
weekdays – 1.5hrs
weekends – 5hrs

After school, we 35 go to the school grounds. We start with some jogging and a few stretches and then go to the nets.
We practice in two nets, for which the coach selects 20 kids and sends the rest fielding. Then he keeps cycling everyone through the nets. We have been practicing on matting wickets so far, but our coach says well be practicing on turf form Tuesday. Some tournaments will be played on turf , some on artificial turf & others will be on matting.

This Sunday in the morning we did only fielding practice with quite a lot of fielding drills.

In the evening at the Academy we practice at the nets, we start with one opening speech by the coach, and then head for the nets on which we practice. we are a little short of space as we’re using a makeshift ground. However the coaches say well be back to the main ground in two weeks time which has a lot more space.

In this intense training, I’m getting quiet exhausted, and my legs and hands are aching quite a lot nowadays. I will try to get in more sleep from now on.
This also means I cant do any more training on my own, and the fitness program of our team is virtually nothing(as far as I’ve seen), so this is a area where I might have problems.

I will upated next is there is any other Important thing about the traing, or else when the final team is announced.

22 Jun 09 at 22:04

I am a guest coach at that academy - the ground they are using at the moment is quite small esp as it is summer camp but they do a lot of good quality practice there - in my experience better than most (if not all) of the other local academies - you will do very well there!

Guess i will see you in october!

23 Jun 09 at 14:05

Yes, its good. Hope to see you there soon.
We did practice on turf today. I got promoted to the seniors net out of the 2, which mainly consists of 13+ boys and most members of the U17 side. The other net has most of the members of the U14 side and some who are not cetain in the team. Today only the seniors practiced on turf, and since I got promoted, I got a chance to practice on turf too.

more updates soon...

24 Jun 09 at 10:33

I never read your previous Posts as you were an Indian too i just asked which part of India you were from...
So you are from Bangalore!!I m just neighbouring to you just 150 kms away!!!

04 Jul 09 at 13:26

Training is going on well. Our coach still hasn't received the dates for our 1st tornament - the cottonian shield (U14 inter school), although he says it is likely to be in the end of July. Our final team has also not been announced yet.

1 issue i'm unable to decide upon is, when I get a day off (we've already had 2, because the coach had to go somewhere) - should I use it as a rest day as I'm getting quite strained or should I use it to do some fitness training? any suggestions welcome.

We also have a personalized training session tomorrow with of the 2 top coaches (I think they've played State level cricket) at my academy. I will update soon on how that goes..

15 Jul 09 at 14:48

The first tournament we'll play, (the centenary shield(to be played before the cottonian shield)) starts tomorrow. The categories in this tournament are according to which grade you are in, rather than age group.
We're sending 2 teams for the 7th standard category (the A team, the stronger of the two, and the B team). I've been selected for the A team. We do not yet know our fixtures, but most probably it will be announced tomorrow.
The format will be T20, and it is a Knockout tournament.
I will update as soon as we play our first match.

15 Jul 09 at 16:38

Fingers crossed.

17 Jul 09 at 15:19

Our first match is on the 22nd(wed.)
By the way, I'm playing this tournament as a batsman!
That is because, even though my action has Improved (i videoed myself and there is improvement), my coach thinks it is still a suspect and he doesn't want to risk it, mOst probably, all be back bowing next tournament. Meanwhile, my batting has Improved quite a lot, and I'm thinking of continuing to play as a all-rounded once I'm bowing again.

Next update after 1st match.

22 Jul 09 at 15:14

Played the match. The result was, we won by 35 runs. I was lbw for 10, which, surprisingly, was the highest score from our team (although 2 other fellows also scored 10). The other team gave a amazing number of extras (54), and we ended up with a total of 119. They could only mange 84 due to our tight bowling and sharp fielding.

This gets us into the quarter finals, to be played tomorrow, same time & same venue.
Will update tomorrow.

23 Jul 09 at 14:21

Played the quarter finals and we won! Our teams batting form finally struck with we scoring 151/4. I went in 2 down link yesterday, but unlike yesterday, this time only 5 overs were left when I went in as the openers found form. I played the 16th over, scoring 5, and went all-out for runs in the 17th over. I stuck a wild slog sweep which yielded 2 runs, and the next ball I drove it to deep cover. As runs were the only criteria I went for the double, but the fielder picketed it up cleanly and off a good throw, I was run out for 8. Our bowling was tight and fielding sharp as yesterday, & we restricted them to 96.

Tomorrow we take on the defending champions, Frank Anthony Public School, In the semi finals. To be played at 9 am.
Next update after the semi final.

24 Jul 09 at 09:03

We lost the semi final! We were set a target of 135, thanks largely to our terrible fielding (except me and one other fellow, harsha, everybody dropped at least 1 catch or misfielded at least 1 easy fielding.) I took a good catch, standing at point, running and then diving full stench to my right to take it 1 handed. But it didn't prove to be much useful, as next many people dropped catches which were straight in their hands.
Once we went in to bat we just couldn't keep up, and their tight bowling & fielding made it tougher. I went in in the 12th over, with we needing 10 runs per over. They had kept all there fielders on the boundaries, so it was hard to get more than singles or twos. In the 14th over I tried to force the pace, only to top edge it, and be caught & bowled for 7.

This is the end of this tournament for us. Our 8th standard team is performing v. well which might result in none of us from 7th standard making it into the U14 side for the cottonian shield(especially as our coach is v.v. angry with us).
This tournament is to start 2-4 weeks time from now. I will try my best to perform better and make it into the side.

24 Jul 09 at 23:09

Keep it up dhruv, dont worry if you lost the shield, that just means you have to practice even harder and get in the U14 side and try to prove to your coach that you are capable, and that's very sad of the coach that he got angry at you guys, he should be supportive!, oh being an Indian i know what the coaches in india are like!

28 Jul 09 at 14:33

After having a terrific first match, our senior team also lost. These tournaments gone, Our training re-commences tomorrow. We are now training for the Under14 cottonion shield, starting October 5th, and the BTR tournament, which we don't know the dates of as yet. Other old team members also told me that the trials for the karnataka state Under14 side takes place in november. I have also applied for a private company conducting all-india tournaments. They will be getting back to me with the dates for the trials of U13 in Karnataka region section of their tournament.

I will update as the dates of more of the events are told to me.

31 Jul 09 at 16:35

Hi Dhruv are you from Bangalore??

02 Aug 09 at 13:42


04 Aug 09 at 14:00

Training update:
We will now do only fielding practice on tuesdays and thursdays(and I think on saturdays too), looking to improve our fielding before the next tournament.
We are also doing quite a few running drills(such as, backward, sideways,interval sprints etc.) so out fitness is not altogether neglected anymore.
will keep updating.

07 Aug 09 at 14:15

We played a exhibition match against FAPS(the team we lost to). It was Under14 (although, as there was no formal checking, I'm pretty sure they had at least 3 overage players). We lost to them by 14 runs. We weren't told of this match before & as a result, many of our key players were absent. They scored 136 in 20 overs. I bowled 3 overs and got 1 wicket. I dropped a catch, misjudging it, running to my left and then having to dive to my right, to drop it.
Our target was revised to 102 of 15 overs(after the 10th over), as the time was almost up & bad light was setting in. I scored 4, dismissed hit wicket of a delivery with very awkward bounce. After our 2 best batsmen were dismissed for 0 & 2, we weren't really in the hunt at all.

07 Aug 09 at 14:18

I will also be keeping a score sheet, which can be viewed at:

14 Aug 09 at 07:35

I just went through this page. Though I am not a regular cricketer now, the whole conversation was fascinating between cricket coach and an aspiring cricketer. I wanted to be a cricket player in my childhood days and always wanted to be one, but unfortunately could not be one as I was not supported from my family and was not allowed to go for further trials after getting selected for cricket camp in green park stadium, kanpur, India, when I was 14. Now, I have turned 26 and its almost 12 years back now and Its a dream for me to play cricket in that level, in my this life. Anyways, but i want to keep myself very fit just like a professional cricketer all my life. I am seeking a bit of obligation, kindly never mind that. Would you like to provide some advices to maintain physique and keep myself fit.
I run upto 3 kms in the morning but sometimes tend to skip a day or two because of my laziness. I do upto 30 push ups 3 sets but can extend further. I have done up to 60 push ups in a single go. But I am weak at chin ups. I am not able to do more than 4 in a single set. Hope that energy comes to me. I just wanted to know how much warming up excercises does a professional cricketer do, how are their routines scheduled?
Would you like to provide some information?

Thanking you in anticipation.
Rohit Bhardwaj

14 Aug 09 at 14:06

well, if your asking me, I would suggest you to go through davids articles of fitness on prtchvision micricketcoach.He has loads of good tips in there and I'm sure they will help you out.

04 Sep 09 at 14:49

Not much going on for many days.
We had stopped practicing for 1 week because our coach was busy in the preperations of the upcoming sports day.I have won the best fielder award in our school, which I will be getting on the sports day (tommrow)
Our practice resumes on Sunday. Will update when next needed

13 Sep 09 at 14:03

As I mentioned, I had subscribed to a company conducting sports tornaments.
We have trials on friday. This is to select a "all bagalore schools team", for an Interational tour of Sri Lanka. Amongst those not selected, those they think are promising cricketers will be selected for a training camp.
Our first cottionion shield match is on october 5th,on the bishop cottons grounds.
Rain is playing spoilsport here and many practice sessions could not be hald because of it.

13 Sep 09 at 14:09

Also you can see some snaps of my sports day where I got my best fielder sup, here

13 Sep 09 at 14:22

Nutrition update:
Here is a example of an avarage days diet for me. Any suggestions welcome.

7:30am- cornflakes/wheatflakes, omllette
10:30am- milk
12:30pm- cheese sandwitch, chicken roll, (sometimes) doghnut
3:30pm- nutrition bar
6:00pm(PWO)- club sandwitch/chicken hotdog(homemade)
7:30pm- fruits
8:45pm- Boiled mixed vegetables with toast/chapati

Also, hight being essential for fast bowlers, any tips on gaining hight also welcome.

13 Sep 09 at 18:59

Hi Dhruv

How are you getting on at KIOC? I am all set to come out and do some coaching there - will be there last two weeks of October!

14 Sep 09 at 06:50

Here is a small suggestion about the diet dhruv: get some more lean protein in.

18 Sep 09 at 12:10

I got selected for the tour of sri lanka! It is to be heled (tentativly) in december.
However, to be honest, It was not a really tough selection.Only about 30 people came, and many of them were not up to standard.
They will hold a conditioning camp before the tour, for which the dates are not finalised yet.

Meanwhile, as my school autum break began, in the run up to the cottionion shield, we have daily morning practice, which has to be attended by all team members(this will hopefully make them more serious).

18 Sep 09 at 12:19

As per davids advice, I have made a few changes to my diet plan. Here they are:
8:30am - wheat/corn flakes, omlette/scrambled eggs/sausage, sprouts
12:30- baked beans, chicken roll, doughnut(sometimes)
6:00pm (PWO)- chocolate milk, club sandwitch/grilled chicken
8:30pm- boiled vegetables, lentils

Any more suggestions welcome

19 Sep 09 at 15:22

As our autumn break has begun, my academy is also conducting a camp. Therefore,I will be going there every evening for the next 10 days.
This will make for good practice before the cottonion shield begins(In oct), whith 2 sessions of 2hrs each, daily.

07 Oct 09 at 12:27

We will be playing our first match in the cottonion shield U14 tomorrow 2:30. We are facing presidency school, which have a pretty good record so far. The tournament starts with league format, then progress into knockout stages
(not unlike the champions trophy). As I mentioned, it is Twenty20. The final 16 member squad was anounced today, and I'm a part of it. I'm still likely to play as batsman, though my action has further improved, my coach sees no point risking it, especially as we have 4 more fast bowlers, & are short of batsmen, though if need be, I might be brought on to bowl.

Will update next after the match.

07 Oct 09 at 12:58

here are our fixtures:
8th oct (v preidency)
9th oct
10th oct
11th occt
12th oct
13th oct

Yes, 6 back-to-back matches. Any tipd on remaining in top form in daily matches welcome.
Next update after 1st match

08 Oct 09 at 14:37

We played the first match against the last years finalists (presidency) and we lost. I was made 12th man. They scored 138 thanks largely to our poor fielding. I fellow from their team was dropped early and went onto score a 50 with 3 sixes.We could only manage 99 runs for the loss of 4 wickets. Their bowling & fielding proved too good for us.

Now we need to win 4 out of the remaining 4 league matches to qualify for the semi finals (there are 12 teams participating). Tomorrow we take on Ebiners. They don't look like a good team as before our match we saw hosts Bishop cotton pile up 191 against them and them get them all out for a lowly score of 35. On monday we take on Bishop cottons, which have a formidable line up.

Next update after the next match.

09 Oct 09 at 14:03

We won the 2nd match. It was pretty easy, really. We got them all out for 57 and scored it with a loss of only 1 wicket. However, as the group stage might go on to the net run rate, we haven't won with a big enough margin to get past bishop cottons. I was 12th man again but this time I got to field about 6 overs, which I did pretty well. Hope I'm in the 11 next game.

We take on another branch of presidency school tomorrow, then bishop cottons on monday. Both are must win games for us, and if we win both convincingly,
we're likely to get through to the semi-finals(we're playing 1 match less because german school decided to leave the tournament).

Will update after tomorrows' game.

11 Oct 09 at 06:53

This was a close match but we lost it. I was made 12th man once again.We batted first and put up a total of 118. They got there in the last over, thanks largely to one fellow who scored 70 odd runs with 3 sixes. Now we only sand a outside chance in the tournament. Our only hope is that every other team(except 1, which has already qualified) dosen't win more than 2 matches, and we trash bishop cottons on monday, thus getting through on net run rate. I think I stand a good chance of being in the 11 on Monday.
Next after the match.

12 Oct 09 at 09:02

Hey dhruv , why dont these guys take you in the team?

You seem like a guy who is trying hard and working constently on your cricket..
Why are they not picking you in the playing 11?

12 Oct 09 at 14:42

Vishi, I think because they prefer playing older kids, even if there not as skilled, they think they'll be stronger and have more experience(the latter isn't true, I've been playing for 6 years). However, I was picked in the 11 today.
We had a very close match but lost. I was next in but didn't get to bat. My fielding was OK although I could do better. We were set a target of 110 but fell short by 3 runs. I think we're out of the tournament now.

Next we're playing BTR all bangalore U14 inter school, 50-50. About 30 teams will be participating. The finals will be staged in M chineswamy stadium (the one where international matches are staged).It begins in the end of octoberOur practice will re-commence on Saturday.

16 Oct 09 at 14:43

This week I've mainly been doing fitness training - push up, clap push ups, interval sprints, pull ups, squats, squat jumps. & some batting practice (mainly hanging ball). Now from tomorrow I'll be continuing my usual training at school and KIOC camps.

19 Oct 09 at 13:36

In a few weeks time the selections for the zonal and state Under-14 teams will be held. I was selected in KIOC in a group of the top U14 boys for specialized training.
Yesterday In this training we did many practices and drills. The coach kept cones in a line to get a straight run up for everyone. he marked the ideal lengths and lines on the pitch.He got me running faster and smother to the wicket. He also asked the field from each bowler and gave the batsman out accordingly. The batsmen batted in pairs, one batting till he gets out then waiting for the other to get out, However each batman got to bat a fixed and equal time. Then we also did many fielding drills.
Now everyday I have school practice, however if incase I don't have school practice for any day, I've been told to come to KIOC for more practice(4-6pm).

11 Nov 09 at 15:00

ON 16th and 17th November, we have trials for the district/zonal Under-14 teams.
In the pre-zonal tournament, bangalore has 4 teams, so I'm at an advantage there. After pre-zonal & zonal tournaments, the state Under-14 side will be chosen.
I've been chosen to represent my school (along with some others) for these trials. I plan to go as all-rounder.

BTR will start soon afterwards.

05 Dec 09 at 06:09

I didn't get selected for zonals. Sorry forgot to post then. I'll try harder next year.

We didn't have any school practice this week so I caught up with my fitness training.

Nowadays, to get more training, I get up early and do the following before school(weekdays):
1. Practice (mainly hanging ball/ drills)- 2 x week
2. Fitness training(strength, speed, power - body weight) - 2 x week
3. 1 day off morning training (rest)
I do this beside the usual daily school practice.

As always, any suggestions/questions welcome.

20 Dec 09 at 13:54

As my school Xmas holidays began I have a new training plan for the holidays (till jan 3rd):-

At KIOC academy we have xmas camp - which is 7-9am every morning.
We start school team practice from the 24th. It is 8-10am
Weekend training remains the same (i.e. morning & evening sessions)
So till the 24th I will go to KIOC, after 24th I will attend school practice.
I will do some fitness training 2-3 times a week in the evenings*.

The BTR inter school Under14 begins in early jan. (2nd phase, Our school qualified straight for the second phase by virtue of a semi final berth last year.)
My training is going great, both my batting and bowling have improved a lot - my action is fine now, my accuracy is very good, my shot timing has improved much.

*I will post my fitness training next.
Any suggestions welcome

30 Dec 09 at 16:17

I am also 12(well nearly) and have a training log on this site. Your training plans are really good, if there is one thing you could also do is the plank, side plank and burpies for your core stability, I do these regularly and they really help. If you have any suggestions to improve my programme that would be great because I am always looking for new excercises.
Look forward to playing against you at international level!!!Smiling

31 Dec 09 at 14:59

hi dhruv
which school u come from ?
have u joined kioc recently or u have been in there camp for a while

01 Jan 10 at 06:42

Thanks ant999. Good Idea -- I agree planks should help. If I have any suggestions for you, I will post it on your training log.
Raghu - I'm in SJBHS. I joined KIOC this year only.

My Training is going well. Preparing for the BTR inter school which should start soon.

16 Jan 10 at 07:07

My training is going great. We have our 1st match on monday(18), then tuesday(19), then thursday(21)
As a matter of fact, most of our team, including me, have never played a 50 over fixture. Our coach thus made us play a 40 over practice match last thursday, but it didnt come much useful, as both teams were bowled out within 30 overs. I remained 26not out, getting into good form. the match left us all exausted, which leaves the question how are we going to play 3 50 over games in 4 days. Any suggestion on this regard - as how to be at your best in back-to-back match welcome.

17 Jan 10 at 04:40

take plenty of liquid during match days and do lots of stertchings before and after the match so that you can avoid cramps.

29 Jan 10 at 13:01

Thanks for the tip, Raghu.
We played the 4 league matches, & won 3, so we are through to the quater-finals.I was kept as 12th man in the first three matches, and not even given net practice(our coach wanted to focus on the main top order), Then, I was asked to play the 4th match, out of practice & rusty, I got out for only 5 runs. The quater-finals are to be played on 3rd feb.

Unfortunately, I missed this Year's MRF pace academy selection. I didn't find out it time, and by the time I did, it was too late to register.
Otherwise, My training is going quiet well, esp. KIOC, and am I do some fitness training whenever I get a day off practice.

29 Jan 10 at 14:25

Current training schedule:

Between matches we have school nets(3:30-5:30pm,non match weekdays), during which we:
Warm up, do sprints, do dynamic stretches,
Sometimes play a game such as handball for additional warm up,
Have net practice.

Some days, due to some reason or the other, we don't have school practice. Those days I do some fitness training which includes:
-Interval Sprints(50mx6)
-Shuttle Sprints(10mx6)
-Clap push-ups(8reps.)
-push -ups(12reps.)
-Pull Ups(4reps.)
-Squats/Squat Jumps(10reps.)
I do 2 circuits of these exercises with 2 minutes rest in between. I plan to do 3 circuits once the tournament is over.

At KIOC(3-6pm; sat-sun.), we:
Start with a talk by the chief coaches on various topics for improving cricket (consistency, metal toughness etc.)
Then we warm up(jogging, stretches)
After that we go into the nets, where we follow a good system:
Batsmen play bowling machine before batting;
Batsmen come in 3s;Two are 'in play', they change from strike to non-strike every set. If a batsman gets out(the coach judges out/not out, most uppish shots are given out),He waits while the 3rd batsman goes in. Then if someone gets out, the waiting batsman comes it. This acts as a sort of penalty system for batsman to take their wicket seriously, even in the nets.
For bowlers there is a similar system. A bowler is waiting, and if any bowler balls 2 no-balls or wides, the waiting bowler takes his ball, and the defaulting bowler comes and waits.
My bowling action is pretty much fine now, and my speed and accuracy are improving. My batting is also improving, and I have improved my middling & timing.

18 Feb 10 at 14:22

We are now out of the tournament. We lost the semi-final but due to the other team having overage players we filed a case and therefore I had not commented then. It was resolved today - the players we accused were found overage and were banned, but the rest of the team were allowed to go ahead and play the final, and we were therefore disqualified.
Now it is basically the off season for me till end of march. We are not having school practice anymore but we still have the weekend practice till end of febuary. In march, no academies will operate.I would call april pre-season and may in-season as we are playing an all India club tournament In may. During April-May, many summer camps will be conducted, including those by my school and KIOC. I also plan to apply and go for selections for the KSCA(Karnataka State Cricket Association)U14 summer camp. More details on these later.
Now for the next 2 weeks its transition period for me when I'll keep doing active rest. During last 2-3 weeks of march I will do intense fitness training. Any tips on making the most of the short off season will be appreciated.

01 Mar 10 at 14:08

I will be going for selections in the 1st week of april for KSCA summer camp. It will start mid- april.
otherwise, i also have school and KIOC summer cricket camps to attend,which start on 1st and 4th april respectively. However, I will be out of station in the last week of march, and hence I wont be able to do my off season training during that time. I want advise whether it would be beneficial to do some fitness training for say 2 weeks, (2nd & 3rd week of march) and then a break of 1 week, before beginning my pre-season training in april.

03 Mar 10 at 16:20

So now from today I have begun my off- season fitness training regime.
I will do it in two sessions, on alternate days, with 1 or 2 rest days in a week, depending on my fatigue levels. - strength & power, + acceleration training & interval sprints. the details are as follows:
strength session

-Push ups(10 x 2)
-Pull ups (3 x 2)
-squats(10 x 2)
-shuttle sprints{(10m x 6)x 2}

Power session

-clap-push ups (8 x 2)
-squat jumps (6 x 2)
-Interval sprints{(40m x 6)x 2}

These are the levels I will start with, and which I plan to improve upon, using 'progressive overload'. Therefore, as soon as I get comfortable doing a exercise I will increase the reps. Also, I plan to increase the no. of sets for each exercise to 3 after 1 week.
In this short off season fitness training my planned goals for the exercises are:
push ups- 15 x 3
pull ups- 5 x 3
squats- 15 x 3
clap push ups- 13 x 3
squat jumps- 10 x 3
shuttle sprints- improved timing; 3 sets - mantainnce of timing to 3 sec.s
interval sprints- (40m x 6) x 3; reduced rest time

Any comments or suggestions most welcome.

03 Mar 10 at 16:35

All very good exercises and its nice to see you have tangible goals which will keep you motivated. One area that might be good to concentrate on is the core. Simple Plank will be good enough. Stronglifts 5x5 recommends 30s x 3. You can adapt to suit.
Also rotator cuff exercises will bennefit bowling, throwing and batting. Invest in a resistance band. I have found these to be very helpful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6MMD5L7498

04 Mar 10 at 08:13

Excellent work Dhruv, whta is the goal of your training at this point?

04 Mar 10 at 13:33

Thanks Slass and David.
My goal for training at this point is to :
-Build up work capacity for playing longer games;
-Improve my acceleration and declaration for better cricket all round and to avoid injuries.
-Build up shoulder power for bowling speed and batting power; and
-Improvement of core strength & power for overall improvement in my cricket and to avoid injuries.
Also, I am doing some stretching exercises daily to build op my flexibility and avoid injuries.

Slass, yes, I'm already doing rotator cuff exercises. Planks is a very good idea and from now I will include that too.

Thanks again.

09 Mar 10 at 12:27

Progress Report:
Here are my current levels reaches after 6 sessions(3 each of power & strength):
Press ups : 12 x 2
Chin ups : 4 x 2
Clap push ups : 12 x 2
Squats : 12 x 2

I wasn't able to measure my timing for shuttle sprints & interval sprints but I can definitely say that there is improvement & that I my fatigue levels after the same work reduced.
From tomorrow I am going to begin with 3 sets of all the exercises. I am taking a day off after every 4 sessions.
As always, suggestions welcome.

12 Mar 10 at 08:27

My training is going well. I had to do 4 sets of pull ups as in the 3rd set I only managed 2 - looking to Improve on that.
I was also thinking of including some tabata training (say twice a week, in the morning - as I do my regular training in the evening) over & above my current training plan. Is this a good Idea?

23 Mar 10 at 12:42

Yesterday was the last day of my off season fitness training.Here are the results, per exersize:
push ups- 14 x 3; After which I moved to elevated push ups, which I did 10 x 3.
pull ups- 4 x 3 + 3 x 1; I couldn't manage 5 pull ups, so I increased a set to complete 15.
squats- 14 x 3
clap push ups- 14 x 3
squat jumps- 10 x 3
shuttle sprints- improved timing; 3 sets - mantainnce of timing to 3 sec.s
interval sprints- (40m x 6) x 3;(30m x 6) x 3; reduced rest time to 12 sec. from 20 sec.
Now I will be out of station for a week, but I will return in time for the summer camps which start in april. More updates then..

05 Apr 10 at 05:26

I'm back. Today morning was the first session of my pre-season training (school nets). Here is the plan for April , basically the practice sessions of my school & KIOC put together. :-

Monday to Friday:

Morning - 6:30 to 8:30 AM (school summer camp practice)
Evening - 7:00 to 9:00 (KIOC Night session, under lights)

Saturday & Sunday:
There is no school practice on weekends.
At KIOC, we will have special Sessions each weekend, including physical training, mental training , etc.
I will inform of this weeks KIOC Special session as soon as I come to know.

10 Apr 10 at 15:06

First week didn't go too well, as I pulled a muscle, and had to stay out of action for 4 days. Almost fine now. This weekend at KIOC, we are having sport phycology sessions, based on the theme 'teamwork'.
Also, I have the selections for the KSCA Summer camp tomorrow morning.Will update after that.

15 Apr 10 at 10:26

Summer pre-season training update:
I got selected for the KSCA under 14 summer camp, which begins tomorrow (16th april)
However, this time the camp is not at KSCA grounds(a part of M. Chinnaswamy ground), but is being held at many different grounds across bangalore. The result of this is a reduction in facilities and its quality, and the standard of play.
The summer camp will also be monday to friday , early morning, therefore I will have to miss the school summer camp for the period of the KSCA summer camp(16th april to 6th may).
Also, I was looking to incorporate some basic fitness training of weekends, but I also fell I should take a days rest in the week, because of the intensity & duration of my weeks training(to avoid overtraining). This leaves me with only one fitness session for the week, so any advise on how to get the most out of one fitness session/week would be appreciated


20 Apr 10 at 04:58

training is going well , with a few slight changes:
KSCA Practice is now 6 days a week, so I had to give up my idea of a fitness session. however, we are doing some basic fitness work at the camp, such as sprints & push ups (though as I am used to doing more reps. of them, I am not really progressively overloading myself)we have been doing mainly fielding drills + some throw downs, but no net practice yet. Most likely to start by Thursday.
Meanwhile, my practice at KIOC is going well, and I'm making some improvement with both bat & ball.

I will post my current diet based on the nutrition rules next.

20 Apr 10 at 05:11

nutrition: here is my usual daily diet on a weekday.

6:00 am (pre-training)- milk, nutrition bar
8:30 am (part of PWO, eaten at KSCA camp) - rice idili , sambhar (pulses), milk, banana
9:00 am (part 2 of PWO, at home) - homemade club sandwich (with W.W. bread*), sprouts
1:00 pm - boiled vegetables with cheese & butter
5:00 pm - fruits(papaya, apple, mango), nuts, milk
9:30 pm (PWO) - grilled chicken + W.W. Bread*; + some boiled vegetables

*W.W. bread = whole wheat bread

Any advice related to this welcome and appreciated

20 Apr 10 at 08:12

Solid stuff Dhruv. Lots of whole, unprocessed food is the fule you need. More protein would be nice. Eggs perhaps?

21 Apr 10 at 04:21

Good idea. I'll make this change as per your advice:
5:00 pm - fruits(papaya, apple, mango), nuts, milk, scrambled eggs
Any more advice welcome.

21 Apr 10 at 08:18

No, looks solid. Monitor your performance and see if that is enough fuel.

22 Apr 10 at 04:38

Good. I will follow this diet for 2 weeks, then see the results, and make any modifications if required.

02 May 10 at 06:33

Trainning going well; and we've started playing some practice matches too nowadays.
My nutrition plan also seems to be working quite well for me.
I will post my Goals for the season next.

02 May 10 at 06:49

GOALS for the season 2010-11
Performance Goals
50 over games

-Wickets : average 2.5/ match
-At least 1 five-wicket-haul per 4 matches
-Economy <4.5

-Average of 35
-At least 1 fifty per 4 matches
-At least 1 hundred per 9 matches
-preferably strike rate >75 (depends on match situations)

20 over games

-Wickets : average 1.5 per match
-At least 1 five-wicket-haul per 6 matches
-Economy : <7

-Average : 15
-At least 1 fifty per 6 matches
-Preferably strike rate >110 (depends on match situations)

Seslection Goals
Pre-zonal -->(good performance) Zonals --->(good performance) State probables --->(good performance) State Under14

02 May 10 at 12:19

Great goals, It's great that you have managed to keep your batting really good while also focusing on your bowling, I havent managed to do that and am now batting 10! Those are really good goals and I hope you achieve them

07 May 10 at 09:57

Thanks ant. I'm doing my best to achieve them!

My training is going well; and my KSCA camp came to a close yesterday. We played 2 matches; but unfortunately; I was only able to play in 1 of them. In that match; I scored 20 runs before getting out to a ball that kept very low. I bowled well without success; though the batsman got a couple of edges; one went between keeper & slip, and the other fell just sort of the keeper. We lost the match after a close finish by 1 wicket.
The training itself was quiet good: We had applicable nets; and some fitness training such as sprints, push ups & squats. Some ex-international players also came on few days to give us tips, including Syed Kirmani & David Johnson.

For the time being; I am attending my school camp in the morning. This is Monday-friday; & this gives me a chance to perform a fitness regime on saturday: I will do a speed-strength circuit for this.
Now; out of all the four KSCA camps; the top 15 will be selected for the main state camp (in KSCA ), which provides excellent facilities and coaching expertise. I will inform of the results of the selection next.
Meanwhile; many tournaments are about to begin: including all-India U14; KSCA U14 & U16 league, and some more. I will inform as I get more details on these.

21 May 10 at 13:57

The all-India u14 tournament began today.It is a 30 over inter school/camp/acadmey tournament.
In our first match today, I bagged 3 wickets, as we won by the grand margin of 10 wickets (which also meant that I didn't get a chance to bat - I was slated to be 2 down.)Good start to the tournament. our next match is on 25th 9this is the league stage.)Scores:
BPCA- 130 all out in 28 overs
We- 131/0 in 18.2 overs.

For the KSCA main state camp, there was some confusion and unfortunately though I was selected, I was not contacted and this resulted in me being excluded from the camp.
Earlier, I represented KIOC for another u14 inter-camp tourney, which we won. Due to unfortunate circumstances though, I could only play 2 matches, in which I took 1 wicket.

In the free days between games and practices (usually weekends), I try to do fitness training and some hanging ball practice. Currently I do a full body circuit for fitness, which includes:
Circuit (x2):
Clap Push ups : 10
Squat Jumps : 6
Squats; single leg squats : 10; 5 each
Pull ups : 3
Press ups : 12
Running drills : high knees etc . --> over 20m
Interval Sprints 20m x 6
Planks : 30sec.

Rest Times:
Between exercises: 30 sec.
Between sprints: 10 sec.
Between circuits: 1 min.
As always, any suggestions welcome.

Next update after next game.

21 May 10 at 14:02

Sorry didn't modify the fitness circuit to levels I have progressed to. here it is:
Clap push ups - 12
Squat jumps - 8
Pull ups - 5
Push ups - 10 elevated

The next progression I intend to make in the increase in the number of circuits to 3. Will update how that goes.

04 Jun 10 at 11:27

The all- india tournament ended a few days ago, with us losing our last league match by 7 runs. In this match I scored 20, but didn't bag any wickets.
After that I now have a mini off season of about 3 weeks. I did active rest for the first week, and I am beginning with some fitness training from today.
As for skills training, KIOC weekend nets begin this sunday, and school practice will recommence sometime in the next 2 weeks.

For Fitness training I plan to do :

Monday-interval sprints (40m x 6 x 2)
Wednesday- shuttle sprints
Friday- interval sprints (20m x 6 x 3)

Monday & Friday: Push ups(elevated, 10 x 3), squats(10 x 3), pull ups(5 x 3)

Thursday & Saturday : Clap push ups(12 x 3), squat jumps(8 x 3)

Core & flexibility:
Thursday & saturday: planks, swiss ball, rotator cuff, stretches

Tuesday: active rest

I will carry on this training till daily school practice recommences. as always, any suggestions welcome

15 Jun 10 at 14:37

How is it coming along Dhruv. My son started at KIOC (Sat/Sunday 11 AM batch). He is 9 1/2 years old and loves cricket.

17 Jun 10 at 13:41

Its going great. I'm in the night batch so might not be able to meet him, but I think you have made the right choice.

Last sunday I got a mild back strain, but i was out of action with my fitness regime this week- hope to be fine in time for the next weekend.
The selections for u14 school team were conducted today. As I am already in the team, I didnt have to play, but this signifies that daily school practice is about to start soon- I will have the details by tom.

21 Jun 10 at 11:11

Our school team practice begins from tomorrow, 3:45 to 5:30 pm. Unfortunately, I was not able to do much this weekend as my back has not fully healed yet. Hopefully I'll be fine sooner than later.
So my training now will be as follows:
Monday to Friday: School Practice : 1hr 45min
Saturday and Sunday: 6:30 to 8:30 am & 7:00 to 9:00 pm = 4 hrs.
After My back is fine, I'm thinking of doing some general fitness/flexibility/hanging ball training a few times a week in the morning, so I will see about that. As always, suggestions welcome.

23 Jun 10 at 13:41

Our practice started well and we've been having some good sessions. Our campaign in the Cottonion shield U14 T20 starts tomorrow. Unfortunately, my back hasn't fully healed and therefore I can't bowl, at least in the first few matches, which I will therefore be playing only as batsman. Next update after the match.

30 Jun 10 at 14:53

Sorry for the delay in posting, here is the update:
We played and won our first two matches, on the last thursday & friday. In the first game, we needed 124 in our 20 overs. There was a minor hiccup as our openers fell early, but our middle order played sensibly and pulled off an easy win by 5 wickets. I (going 1 down) managed 11, before edging a widish ball to the keeper.
In our second match, we bowled out the opposition for a mere 45 before completing an easy 10-wicket win. Therefore I didn't get to bat, but my fielding was quiet good.

This is the league stage of the tournament. Our group contains 6 teams, and the top 2 qualify for the semi-finals. We need at least 3 wins to secure a semi-final berth, which means winning at least one of our next 3 matches. However, we are aiming for more wins that that because if we finish on top of our group, we are likely to get a comparatively easy team in the semi's. Our next game is this saturday, in which I hope to bowls, If I can get a couple of sessions of practice behind me before the match. My back is improving well, but it is still not quiet good enough so I haven't started bowling yet, but it is almost alright, so I still hope to bowl in our next encounter.

We are continuing with our daily school practice, but this weekend I couldn't attend the kioc sessions due to my back.In our school team practice sessions, we start with some jogging and sprints, then get into the nets,. The batsmen who are not batting take fielding, the bowlers focus on their bowling, and the all-rounders get a chance to do both. Currently I'm mainly working on going back and across and not just back, and not falling over to the leg side, while bating.
Any tips on improving the above welcome.

11 Jul 10 at 10:24

This weeks matches report:
We played three more league games, out of which we won two & lost one, to qualify into the semi-finals as the second team in our group. My personal performances in these were:
bat: 4 & 21n.o.(including 3 fours & one six)
bowl:4overs-12runs-0wickets & 2overs-9runs-0wickets
The lack of wickets was mainly due to the fact of our captain insisting on not keeping a slip, as virtually 2-3 catches went through that region every over.
In the semi-finals, we faced the defending champs(for 4 years in fact) and pulled off a great upset, thereby entering the final.The scores in this reduced(due to rain) 10-over game were: we, batting first- 69/7(I scored 5 before being run-out); they - 61/9( my figures - 1 over-7 runs-1 wicket)

Now we're going to play the final on Monday, hoping to finally win the cottonion shield after almost 6 years.

13 Jul 10 at 12:47

Update after the final:
We lost, mainly due to our poor fielding & catching(which, I suspect, was brought on by the pressure of playing in front of a large crowd).They batted first, scoring 147 in their 20 overs. I bowled quite well, and should have got their main batsman off my first ball, which pitched on leg stump & then swung to just outside off, getting a snick, only to be dropped by the keeper. There were also many good lbw shouts, and one of them looked absolutely plum, but was given not out.I finished with figures of 2-0-13-0, the runs mainly coming of misfields. My fielding was quite good, & I took one routine, but high catch, and all my pickup & throws were more or less on target. Our Chase got off to a bad start, with one of our openers run out of the first ball, bringing me in on the second ball itself. Me and the other opener consolidated for a while, before our other batsman(and our main run scorer in the tournament) got out bowled to a rash shot.As We had a mainly bowling side, there were not more genuine batmen left and the required run rate climbed, until it was about 11 by the 8th over. We had no choice but to try and force the pace, and in trying to do so I top-edged one to get out for 18 (16 balls, including 3 fours). The rest of our batting put up some resistance, but they could not keep up with the run rate and we finished at 110 in our 20 overs.
Now as for training, the daily practice has been put on hold, and will re-commence for the BTR tournament after about 20 days.Meanwhile, the weekend morning & evening practice will continue as usual. I'm thinking of doing some general fitness and conditioning during this period, after taking 3-4 days active rest. Any suggestions on this regard welcome.

14 Jul 10 at 13:16

I'll start with my main goals for training in this brief, mini off-season, before making the actual training plan:

Fitness goals:
Improve work capacity for playing 50-over games (this is quite important, as I discovered in the cottonion shield when we had to play 2 continuous matches on the same day, I cramped up and couldn't play much);
Improve power & strength for increased bowling speed & batting power;
Improve speed for quicker running during batting, bowling & fielding; &
Improve core stability for injury prevention.

19 Jul 10 at 13:20

Here is my training plan, based on the goals, for the next 2-3 weeks, till school practice resumes.

Fitness Training

Work Capacity/ Speed: Interval sprints - 30m x 5 x 3 (1 min rest between sets)
Ploymetrics(for speed/power
Strength: Elevated press ups 10 x 4; pull ups 4 x 4; squats 10 x 4 + single leg : 4x4 each.
Power: Clap push-ups 10 x 4; squat jumps 8 x 4
Flexibility & core: Yoga & stretches- 2x week; core - planks, swiss ball, rotator cuff(YTLW), hip mobility.

Training plan:

Saturday & Sunday - skills training- morning & evening
Monday - active rest
Tuesday & Thursday- work capacity/speed, + strength
Wednesday- Ploymetrics, Power & core/flexibility
Friday-Power + core/flexibility


01 Sep 10 at 14:28

training update:
Training going well, though I had to miss a weeks fitness training 2 weeks ago due to a ankle sprain (nothing serious), but I’m back on track now, and have made some progressions in all aspects.

Due to the heavy rain here, I couldn't get out to do my interval sprints, so I have replaced them with tabata training for the time being, which I have already done 3 times, & I’m doing it every tuesday & thursday. Otherwise my training is going as planned.

Meanwhile, my weekend skill practice is also going well, and I’m making good progress in both my batting & bowling.
Our sports day ends this week, so hopefully my daily school practice will re-commence soon.

16 Sep 10 at 14:06

Update: The Boost cup Under16 inter school is likely to be he held soon & I've been selected in the 16-member squad to represent my school. This tournament will take place before BTR Under14 inter-school(which I'm a part of anyway).
My training has gone quite well in the past 3-4 weeks and I've made some real improvements. Now I'll be shifting to a more pre-season based training program, modifying a bit my current fitness plan, as follows:


Interval sprints-
50m x 5 (walk back as rest: about 30 sec.); +
25m x 7 (2 minutes rest between sprints); +
(15m x 5) x 2 (walk back for recovery: approx.. 10 sec.)
Rest between groups/sets = 3 minutes.

Bounding 20m x 10
squat jumps 8 x 5
split squat jumps 10 x 5
clap push ups (elv.) 10 x 5
step-ups 20 x 5

Pull ups: 5 x 5
Elevated Press-ups: 10 x 5
Rotational single leg squats 5(each leg) x 3

Core stability:
Planks - 30s x 3
Rotator cuff - YTLW circuit
Swiss ball exercises.

Weekly training Plan:-

Monday: Power, Core stability
Tuesday: Speed, Strength
Wednesday: Power, Core stability
Thursday: Speed, Strength
Friday: active rest
Saturday & Sunday: morning & evening skills practice.

As always, any suggestions welcome.

30 Sep 10 at 10:36

I was able to procure a medicine ball(1kg) to help with my power training. I'm now replacing my old power training workout (wich I've followed for 4 weeks) with:
Elv. clap push-ups: 10 x 5
Step-up(single-leg & speed): 10each x 5
Hurdle jumps : 2 x 3 (jumps & hops)
Med. ball- [Chest Pass(10) + Side Throws(10 each side) + Slams(10)] x 3; 3 minutes rest between circuits
Med. ball high throws(4 x 3)

Other workouts remain the same as I've mentioned in the previous post.
I'm not able to get much net practice on weekends nowadays because of lots of rain. Our autumn break starts next week when I'm likely to have camps daily at my academy & school.Will update on getting more info.

18 Oct 10 at 14:43

This was my training during my school autumn break:
Mon-Fri. - 7-9am & 4-6pm practice (school & academy)-- 4 hours
Saturday- 6:30-8:30, 11:00-1:00 -- 4 hours
Sunday- 11-1 -- 2 hours

With school beginning today, my new training will be:
Saturday & sunday - 7-9am & 7-9pm net practice
Monday- Rest day
Tuesday, Wednesday 7 Friday - 4-6pm school nets
Thursday- fitness circuit

On the last day of the camp yesterday, I got a chance to play a u16 inter-camp (t20) game for my academy. Unfortunately we lost it. I took a wicket in my 2 overs, giving 14 runs (mainly byes).
As always, any suggestions welcome, esp. as to what to do in my 1 fitness session.

29 Oct 10 at 06:30

My son is 10 years old and loves cricket and dreams of one day making it a career out of it. However at this age cricket does not occupy more than 10 hours a week (mainly weekend training at KIOC). He has a good build for his age and is very athletic. I thought of introducing another sport that will reinforce cricket and was thinking of Tennis. Any research that this will help as Tennis is also a bat/ball game requiring hand/eye co-ordination, speed, flexibility and stroke play etc... Appreciate any feedback here.


29 Oct 10 at 06:56

I suggest you post it as a forum topic so that you can have some discussions on it.

11 Nov 10 at 15:03

Had U14 zonal trials today. It went well though I only get some 6-7 balls to bowl & about the same number to bat. There are 8 zonal(district) teams over our state Karnataka, out of which 2 are from bangalore.The inter-district u14 tournament will then be held , and on the basis of which the state u14 side will be chosen. The teams will be announced sometime next week. Hoping for the best...

08 Dec 10 at 10:20

Dhruv, how many inter-school tournaments does your school participate in each year and can you mention which them by name. My son goes to a school that has no cricket team and I am wondering whether he needs to move to a school with a good cricket team for greater exposure...

08 Dec 10 at 15:25

Raj- usually 2-4 in both under-14 & under-16 categories;including BTR U14, Boost cup U16, BPCA and KIOC All india tournaments (summer camp); cottonian shield U14 & U16; among others.
As for the selection, though I didn't get selected, many who were not quite good did(no complains); so I'm not really disappointed as I know I am good enough for it.

My training is going well; though I didn't have weekday practice for the past couple of weeks; I caught up with my fitness work and did some bowling and batting drills.
Here is my full body fitness workout; which I do 2-3x week(usually Tuesdays & Thursdays):
Power: (with 2kg med ball)
Viking throws 5x4;
Med ball circuit 10 x 4 each - chest pass, side throws, slams
Superset I:
Pull ups(5) + resisted rot. squats (10) x 5;
Superset II:
Exercise ball Press ups(12) + exercise ball curls (10) x 5
Superset III:(With resistance band)
Rows (10) + Palloff Press (30 sec each side) x 4

Conditioning: Tabata on cycle; 8 sets.

As always any tips welcome. Most likely I will be back with my usual daily practice from next week.

16 Jul 12 at 07:38

@ dhruv, sir i wanted to know the place where u condct the coachng.........

22 Oct 12 at 19:16
27 Dec 13 at 06:59

in our practice session our coach only tell us to do net how can i do al this activities as mention above????