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21 Jan 09 at 10:53
THE (aspiring) professional cricketers' blog

Hi. This Is a post for all cricket lovers aspiring to become professional cricketers. Post about your cricket dreams and how do you plan to achieve your ambitions. 


23 Jan 09 at 14:30

Let me start with my ambitions:-
I want to play for the INDIAN CRICKET TEAM. I also aspire to becomeTHE GREATEST CRICKETER IN THE WORLD thereafter. I'm really really reallytrying to get there. I'VE COMMITTED MY LIFE TO CRICKET. I train hard regularly.

25 Jan 09 at 03:08

Hi Dhruv

What level are you playing at now? Are you in a state junior team? If not, what is the highest level of cricket you can be playing at your age right now?


25 Jan 09 at 07:16

Just like Dhruv i also plan to play for the Indian Cricket Team.....but i dont really aspire to become the greatest cricketer in the world...cuz i dont think anyone can get even close to where Don and Sachin are ...the level of cricket they play is toooo high.....i am already 16..and i have to say i havent had the best of starts to be reaching the cricket team...sachin was a born genius..he was in the team at this i never can reach that level...

i just want to become a good all rounder for the Indian team....and try to win matches for them....

my plan is to practice in my club over here till i finish 12th...then go to some university in India...and get into some cricket club....and then take it from there..

25 Jan 09 at 08:44

Naz, Theoretically at 12 years I can play for the state juniors team, but there selection process involves good performance record in school cricket. My problem is my school dosen't have a cricket team. Thats why I'm trying to get into a new school. After sate juniors, I can even get into the INDIA u15/ INDIA u19 etc. teams, but thats far off from now.
Currently I play for my cricket clubs' U13 & U14 teams and I'm one of the best in these teams.

vish111, I guess you should have a bit more positive atttitude and have faith in yourself. These are core qualities which make a great cricketer.

25 Jan 09 at 11:52

nope..i believe in dreaming in the right way...i know i can never be Sachin...or dada..or dravid.....having faith in yourself doesnt been dreaming of something like that...come on yaar..if you wanna beat gotta start playing cricket at the age of 4-5 in ranji or national team by 16....which i am nowhere close i dont feel like lying to myself..and thats why i say...i surely wanna play for india...and perform at my best...

25 Jan 09 at 12:12

Have u heard the phrase 'fake it'til you make it'? ask david about it and you will understand.By faith I dont mean dreaming; I mean BELIEVING IN YOURSELF.
anyway,thats just my view. I can only suggest.

05 Feb 11 at 10:43

Kapil Dev was the winner of the world cup 1983.