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20 Feb 09 at 14:09
Toe Nails! I'm sick of losing them!!! HELP!

First net of the new season and my toe is bruised which means I'll lose my toenail in about 3 months... and I'm sick of it! Whether it is batting or bowling this happens every year, can anybody help?
I'm not able to invest in new boots with protection, does anyone know of any toeprotecting inserts that could be used instead?
I have Googled but unless my foot is made of willow, then I'm not getting anywhere fast!

Cheers for any help
PS Our village team is always short of players and talent. Anyone who wants to play 10-12+ games a year of fun but competitive cricket then drop me a line. We're in Rostherne, Cheshire (Junc19 M56). None overly competitive/arrogant/too serious/sledging players wanted!


04 Apr 09 at 00:29

Hi Pete

This 2006 story on Cricket Boots from Derek Pringle mean you're not alone - cold comfort but here you go...

Following this article I see now that Flintoff has moved on to Puma perhaps they do good batting shoes too? See your GP and make sure you get any toe fungal problems eleviated with anti biotics first before investing in the best shoes securely fitted for you by an expert in a local cricket store that stocks them - toe caps may be what you need too...Also talk to a cobbler who may be able to help too.

Cheers, David