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01 Mar 09 at 18:18
Best Batting Tips

What are the best battin tips you have ever been told. They can be on any subject, as long as it is to do with batting. Let's see if we can get the ultimate collection of tips.


01 Mar 09 at 19:23

I'll start off. When driving, do not try to get your foot right to the pitch of the ball if it is going to stop you from leaning forward as you play the shot.

01 Mar 09 at 21:50

When playing against the more "lofty" spinners, who purposly try to get the flight of the ball to go above the batters eyeline, crouch slightly, so this means you are looking up at the flight of the ball. This helps you pick the length up of the spinner a lot quicker and more accurately. Picking the length up is the most important thing when dealing with a spinner.

07 Mar 09 at 08:14

When you play a shot, transfer the weight of the shot through the line you are playing.

21 Dec 10 at 16:08

Tips for playing spin bowling:

If the ball is given flight, don't move your feet until the ball is on its way down again.
Always try and get either right forward or right back.
Defend off the front foot, attack off the back foot.
Take a big stride and keep your bat and pad together to neutralise a fiercely spinning ball pitching outside leg or outside off.
Rather than trying to pick the ball out of the hand, simply watch the seam of the ball as its coming towards you.
Be very careful cutting an offspinner or on-driving a legspinner. These are the shots we want you to play.

11 Sep 13 at 03:23

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26 Oct 13 at 10:25

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13 Oct 14 at 22:36

Get in a repetitive rhythm every ball,have the same pre ball routine