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12 Mar 09 at 15:02
Need suggestion for buying a new bat

Hi Guys,

first of all..i dunno if this was right place to post this topic..couldnt think of where i should post it..anyways..

I am planning to buy a bat through the club...i can either order a readers bat or ofcourse i want to go for kookabura...I am not going for a very expensive and awesome bat...i just want a normal bat...the options i am thinking of at the moment are.

1. Kahuna Blitz
2. Blade Risk.
3. Wild Beast.
4. Ice 40

Till now i am in favor of the wild beast...not only does it look good..but also seems like a good bat...i have read their descriptions on various sites...the good thing about blade risk is that its very light...2lb oz6 being the lightest option..but i dont want to buy that cuz i use heavy bat anyways...i know light bats are better..but i want to reduce the weight slowly...

the blade risk is available from 2lb oz 9 to 2lb oz 12..i am planning to go for oz 10.

Any suggestions regarding these bats..or any other Kookaburra bats (not that expensive..under 60 bucks) would be more then welcome!


16 Apr 09 at 15:15

I dont know specifically about these bats but I know a technique to judge the quality of a bat. Take a good quality leather ball and bounce it is the middle of the bat. the higher the bounce the better the quality. Also you can judge the softness of the willow by counting the number of grains on the face of the bat. More grains mean a softer willow while less grains indicate a harder willow. Harder willow is long-lasting while softer willows give more striking power.
Hope these tips help you is choosing ur bat!

17 Apr 09 at 10:08

Isn't the grain thing the other way around. The more grains the Harder it is since the wood has grown slower, and the less grains the softer, since the wood has grown faster and isn't as dense?