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08 Apr 09 at 12:49
Kettlebell specific

What are some suggested kettlebell circuits for bowling?
I've read through the kettlebell sections but in Ian Pont's book, he suggests not bothering with cleans or snatches.
Any specific ones for overhead arms as in with bowling action?


13 Apr 09 at 12:18

Kettlebell cleans and snatches are pretty good for fast bowling. It's the Olympic variety that can be hard to learn. The turkish getup is great for core stability.Also KB swings are good for conditioning.

14 Apr 09 at 15:01

Biceps or something?
I can see how holding a medicine ball above your head and throwing it onto the ground is similar to the bowling action but a clean or snatch?

14 Apr 09 at 18:21

They teach efficient hip drive, transfer of power through the core, shoulder stability and effective coordination around a fast moving object. In short, a lot of transfer. Of course the OL's are no good on their own but i would strongly recommend them. I know all the first class counties insist their players learn at least the easy variations (such as the high pull, DB snatch and squat jump)