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28 Apr 09 at 15:20
Hitting with power right hand

Supposedly all the power in a shot comes from the right hand (bottom). Most of the time you want the top and bottom hands to be in equality but if you want to hit a big six, you can sometimes force it through with the bottom hand.
Is it possible to slide the right hand down the bat for this so your hands are far apart or is it better to have them closer together as per normal V shots?


11 May 09 at 16:39

It's possible but I would be reluctant to try it. You can hit a six just with timing if you drill the right technique.

27 Jun 09 at 10:48

In anything other then cuts and pulls the right has the effect of closing the face of the bat, reducing the striking area. This can be useful for steering off drives squarer to evade an orthodox off side field but takes a lot of practice to execute. For leg side shots it produces the classic cow corner direction for a straight ball.