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01 May 09 at 18:04
How to grip bat - changed my hand grip recently...

For years I have been holding the bat with what I thought was a classical grip, that is with the V's of the hand pointing straight down the back of the bat.
Recently, I was told to hold them slightly at an angle so that on the back lift, the bat is held tilted at a 45 degree angle.

eg: Form a "V" by pointing your thumb and forefinger down between outside edge and centre of back of bat.

Skip the 1st minute

Now, what this grip has done is help me hold the bat in such a way that when it comes down, on striking the ball, the bat face is perfectly square for on drives, defence, and off drives. However, last weekend in a T20 I faced a wide ball that bounced higher. Normally I wouldn't have hit the ball but in a T20 I went for it Smiling What I notice was that I got a massive edge on the ball which tipped it up in the air and backwards. I am absolutely certain this is because with this new grip on swinging sideways and out (for a cut) instead of down, the bat is angled slightly backwards instead of flat. Any thoughts?
Seems like I need to relearn the cut to bring my wrists over more than before.


05 Jul 09 at 23:41

Grip is the most abused in batting in my opinion. One of the batting coaches of a certain country said the Vs should run through the outside splice of the bat and the backswing should be straight bat over the off stump. If you look at some eminent batters over they years they all have had their grip different. In my opinion any grip as long as it allows you to strike the ball with the full face of the bat in most areas is good enough. Tendulkar, Lara and Gilly all hold the bat differently for the record. Batting I reckon is a lot to do with the set up i.e the stance. If you have a good balanced stance with a resonably acceptable grip you should be able to bat well enough. I wouldn't watch or read too much with regards to grip in particular and go with something that is comfortable rather than embracing grips that is suitable for others.

06 Jul 09 at 14:35

I would look more at the backlift than the grip. It sounds like you are coming under the ball which comes from a low or mis-timed backlift.